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MSUFCU | Account Services | Overdraft Protection

Simple Solutions

MSUFCU offers simple solutions and options to cover transactions when one account has insufficient funds. With overdraft protection, you'll feel safe knowing you have a back-up plan.

Avoid NSF (Non-Sufficient Fund) fees by setting up overdraft protection. With overdraft protection, funds are automatically transferred from your MSUFCU savings or loan accounts if you spend a bit more than you thought you had in your checking account.


Plus, overdraft protection is free as long as you elect to be notified of each transfer via an eNotice. If you elect to receive paper overdraft notices notices by mail, you will be assessed a $5.00 fee for each paper notice.


Set Up Overdraft Protection

Visit any branch location or call 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968. You can also manage your overdraft protection paths by logging into ComputerLine, selecting Manage from the top menu, and then click Overdraft Protection under the Create or Modify Accounts section.

Courtesy Pay works in addition to your overdraft protection for your checking account. If you write a check or authorize an ACH transaction and overdraft protection cannot cover the funds, Courtesy Pay may pay the transaction for you so it does not "bounce." A $30 fee is assessed each time Courtesy Pay is used.*




  • Balance Shield will protect your account. A Courtesy Pay fee will not be assessed for transactions resulting in a balance of $0.00 to -$5.00.
  • Avoid the embarrassment of bouncing a check or ACH transaction
  • No merchant fees for a returned check or ACH transaction
  • Courtesy Pay eliminates the chance that the NSF check or ACH transaction will be reported to a check reporting service

When Courtesy Pay is used, you will be notified of the transaction, and your checking account must be brought to a positive status immediately upon notification.


*Qualified members automatically receive this service. Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay if your account is not in good standing. Business or Organizational accounts, temporary residents, and members with accounts in default will not be granted this service.