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MSUFCU | Account Services | Overdraft Protection

Simple Solutions

MSUFCU offers simple solutions and options to cover transactions when one account has insufficient funds. With overdraft protection, you'll feel safe knowing you have a back-up plan.

Courtesy Pay for Debit is an additional form of overdraft protection that's available to help cover your Visa Debit Card transactions.* Avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of declined transactions! If for whatever reason, funds are not available in your checking account at the time you make a Visa Debit Card transaction—for example, checking out at the grocery store—Courtesy Pay for Debit can help cover your transaction so your purchase is not declined.

  • Your account will be assessed $30 each time Courtesy Pay for Debit is used.
  • Balance Shield will protect your account. A Courtesy Pay for Debit fee will not be assessed for transactions resulting in a balance of $0.00 to -$5.00.
  • There is no fee to set up or maintain Courtesy Pay for Debit on your account. However, you will be assessed a fee each time Courtesy Pay for Debit is used.


Sign Up for Courtesy Pay for Debit

  • Online: Login to ComputerLine, select Manage from the top menu, and click Courtesy Pay for Debit under the My Information & Preferences section.
  • By Phone: Call us at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968.
  • In Person: Sign up at any of our branch locations.
  • By Mail or Fax: Complete a printable sign-up form, and submit it by mail to MSUFCU, PO Box 1208, East Lansing, MI 48826-1208 or by fax to 866-374-2123.


To set up this additional protection on your account, you must opt-in to this service.


*Whether your overdrafts will be paid with Courtesy Pay is discretionary, and MSUFCU reserves the right not to pay if your account is not in good standing. Business and Organizational accounts, temporary residents and members with accounts in default will not be granted this service.

Introducing MSUFCU's Balance Shield!


Whether it’s an emergency or simply a case of forgetfulness, overdrafts can happen. At MSUFCU we understand that mistakes happen. We also understand that a simple overdraft can be costly, turning a slightly negative balance into a much larger problem.


Balance Shield is a common sense policy that allows you to overdraft your account up to $5.00 with no fee! Balance Shield applies to both Courtesy Pay and Courtesy Pay for Debit (when opted in), on personal checking accounts1 and associated debit cards.

It doesn’t matter how many transactions it takes you to get to negative $5.00, or why your account was overdrafted in the first place, no fee will be assessed until your balance exceeds -$5.00. However, MSUFCU always recommends you bring any negative balance positive as soon as possible to avoid additional fees and keep your account in good standing.


For example:
Transaction Transaction Amount New Balance
(starting balance)   $50.00
Check withdrawal - $25.00 $25.00
Debit Card withdrawal #1 - $20.00 $5.00
Debit Card withdrawal #2 - $8.00 - $3.00 (no additional fee)
Debit Card withdrawal #3 - $1.29 - $4.29 (no additional fee)
Debit Card withdrawal #4 - $5.41 - $9.70 (Fee will be assessed because balance reached the -$5.00 limit)
Courtesy Pay for Debit Fee - $30.00 - $39.70


Did You Know?
At MSUFCU, Balance Shield isn’t the only way we help our members through a more thoughtful approach. We also clear your personal checks in a manner that allows you to get more out of the money in your account. When clearing multiple checks, we will clear them in order of lowest dollar amount to highest dollar amount. This practice helps you clear more checks and reduces fees if the funds are not available to cover every check.


Our approach to overdrafted accounts is just one way MSUFCU thinks differently by thinking about you.


1Balance Shield not available for MSUFCU's Rebuild Checking.