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Free ATM access nationwide
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You'll find over 100 MSUFCU-owned ATMs at our branches, on the Michigan State and Cooley Law School Campuses, and in all of the Lansing-area Quality Dairy Stores. 


New ATMs

Our ATMs have been upgraded and no longer require the use of deposit envelopes. Making deposits is safe, secure, and easy.

Check Deposits
Check deposits are now envelope-free.

  • Multiple checks can be deposited in the same transaction
  • You no longer need to enter the check amount to proceed with the deposit
    • A summary will list the checks and you can edit the check amount if necessary

Cash Deposits

  • Cash can be deposited in bulk. The ATM will show the bill count by denomination and the total cash deposited
  • You will be asked to verify and accept the total given by the ATM
  • If the amount is correct and verified, your transaction is complete; if the amount is incorrect, the transaction will be canceled and the ATM will return the funds

A full-service ATM allows members to make withdrawals, deposits, loan payments, and other account inquiries.

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