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Totally Green Checking
Totally Green Checking
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
Auto Loans at MSUFCU
Whether you're looking for a new or used car, our auto loans offer low rates and flexible terms.

• Rates as low as 7.44% APR
• No application fee
• No prepayment penalties
• Flexible terms up to 84 months

Visit one of our participating dealerships to find your car and apply, or apply online. Click the "Add to Wallet" button below, within ComputerLine, the mobile app, by phone or at a branch.
Step #1 - Find Your Car
Search new or used cars, see what others paid for the same car in your area, and see how much you could save with MSUFCU.
Step #2 - Apply
Apply for you Auto Loan online by clicking the "Add to Wallet" button above, within ComputerLine or the Mobile app, by phone or at a branch.
Step #3 - Get a Decision Fast
Searching for your new vehicle is made easy with MSUFCU. Apply and get pre-approved in as little as 20 minutes.
How do I apply for a vehicle loan?
Applications can be submitted online by logging into your account via ComputerLine and selecting "Apply for a Loan" or by logging into the Mobile App and selecting "Apply for a Credit Card or Loan". You are also welcome to contact us over the phone at 517-333-2424 or visit any MSUFCU branch location.
If I am approved, how do I pay the dealership?
Upon approval of an auto loan with MSUFCU, and after receiving your signed MFLA form and any loan contingencies are met we will issue a cashier's check. Before issuing a cashier's check, we will ask for the following information:

• Vehicle identification number (VIN)
• Year, make, model and color of vehicle
• Current mileage
• Any additional special features the vehicle may have
• Dealership or seller's name and phone number

You will be able to provide the check to the dealership or private seller, for the purchase of your vehicle.
How do I make payments to my loan?
There are several options available to make loan payments. We offer manual one time payments or automatic payments based on your preference, and you may pay from an internal MSUFCU account or directly from another financial institution. Please note that if you have financed a vehicle through financing through the dealership prior to being a member, you will initially need to login to your new MSUFCU account. Please reach out to a representative for assistance if needed.

Members can choose:

• Internal transfer from an MSUFCU share using MoveMoney > Transfer Money in ComputerLine or the Mobile app. MoveMoney can also be used to schedule reoccurring payments from an MSUFCU savings or checking account.
• Manual one-time payment from an external account which can be initially set up by going to MoveMoney > Manage Preferences > External Transfers/ACH Accounts
• Automatic recurring payments from another financial institution by completing an ACH Origination form which can be located on our website here
• Loan payment by mail.

MSU Federal Credit Union
PO Box 4097
East Lansing, MI 48826-4097

For express mail, please send your payment to:
MSU Federal Credit Union
3777 West Rd.
East Lansing, MI 48823

To find your loan payoff amount please contact us for assistance.
What interest rate do I qualify for? / What interest rate can I get?
You can view our current interest rates here. The term of the loan, and your Experian Credit Score, will affect the interest rate that we will be able to offer. We would be happy to review a full application over the phone at 517-333-2424, by starting a chat with Fran, in an MSUFCU Branch location, or you can apply online when logged into ComputerLine by selecting "Apply for a Loan".
What is Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)?
GAP, or Guaranteed Asset Protection, is a service offered by MSUFCU for additional coverage on your vehicle. If elected on an eligible vehicle loan, the $799 GAP fee can be paid in full or added to your loan. In the event that the vehicle is deemed a total loss due to accident or theft, GAP may reduce or eliminate the remaining balance on the loan after the insurance payout has been applied. Additionally, our GAP includes Deductible Assistance. If your vehicle has a comprehensive or collision claim but not deemed a total loss and you have paid your deductible to your primary insurance carrier, Deductible Assistance will cancel the amount of deductible paid, up to $500, on your loan.

If you have any specific questions about any details or costs associated with GAP, please reach out to an MSUFCU Representative.

Click here to learn more.
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Great vehicle
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Love it!
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Can't thank msufcu enough for taking a chance on me. Paid off!
Car Refinance
5 stars out of 5
After getting a terrible interest rate on my used car purchase from a dealership, I contact MSU and cut my interest rate in 1/2!! It's so easy to pay and manage my loan through the app. I will go FIRST to MSUFCU on my next car purchase.
5 stars out of 5
The loan department is amazing a this institution! I applied and had my check the next day! Thank you guys so much for making this purchase as seamless as possible.
Easy to pay on app
5 stars out of 5
APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Rates for vehicle loans are stated for qualified members having high credit scores. Actual rates may be higher and will be determined by member credit score.

Loan Payment Example: The monthly payment per $1,000 borrowed at 7.44% APR for a term of 36 months would require 36 monthly payments of $31.08 based on 30 days to first payment. Credit is subject to approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change at any time based on market conditions or other business factors.

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