How to Avoid Wasting Time on the Longest Day of the Year

June 20, 2019

The summer solstice, June 21, is here. This official first day of summer also means we will have more daylight than any other day of the year. Here are some strategies to consider so you do not waste time on the longest day of the year.

Bust the myth 
The first step to managing time is realizing that time-perception is a myth. Change your thought process by reaffirming that you have enough time to accomplish your to-do list. Replace negative language with positive language. Avoid saying to yourself ‘I hope I don’t run out of time to finish [x]’ and instead say, ‘I can complete [x] before Friday.’

Keep a diary
Use a calendar to record how much time conversations, projects, and activities take (work and non-work related) for a week. This will help you understand how much you can get done during the course of a day and where precious moments are spent. Then, review to see how much time is actually spent producing results.

Just say “no”
You probably have a lot on your to-do list, but you don’t want to get stretched too thin. Sometimes it’s okay to say no. It looks better to take on fewer projects and produce quality content rather than take on too many and fail to deliver.

Delegate tasks
Sometimes it’s appropriate to delegate certain tasks. The ability to assign tasks to others can improve productivity. It’s also okay to ask for help to ensure you are being your most productive self.

Schedule time for interruptions
Plan time to be pulled away from what you're doing. This is similar to a professor having "office hours." Isn't "office hours" another way of saying "planned interruptions?"

Make appointments with yourself
Schedule appointments with yourself and create time blocks for high-priority thoughts, conversations, and actions. Have the discipline to keep these appointments.

Don’t forget “Me” time
To avoid burning out, it is important to set aside some time for yourself. Going out for a quick coffee-run or grabbing dinner with a friend after work may sound like it could hinder your productivity, but in reality, moments like these will re-energize you and help you stay engaged.

Just do it
This may seem obvious, but getting your work done will make you feel less stressed. Wasting time on your phone will stunt your productivity. When goals are set and met in your work life, you’ll start feeling more efficient in your personal life, too.

The best advice: get out and enjoy this longest day of the year! Once you put in time to complete your to-do list, enjoy time with friends and family, go for a walk, or spend some time in the sunshine!

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