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Swift Code: MSUCUS44
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Business IMMA
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Business IMMA
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Business IMMA
MSUFCU's Business Insured Money Management Account allows you to earn higher dividends on your savings. Receive a competitive high market rate, easy access to your funds, and rest assured that your funds are insured by the NCUA.

• Dividends calculated daily and paid monthly
• 24/7 account access

Features and Fees
Minimum Balance: None
Minimum Balance to Earn Dividends: $2,000.00
Complimentary Transactions: 25
Business IMMA Tiers:
• $2,000 - 9,999.99
• $10,000 - 49,999
• $50,000 - 99,999.99
• $100,000 - 499,999.99
• $500,000 - 999,999.99
• $1,000,000 - 1,999,999.99
• $2,000,000 +
Minimum Balance Fee: None
Excess Transaction Fee (for each transaction): $0.25

Electronic Transfers or Payments
A Business IMMA is a deposit account and allows six (6) electronic transfers out of the account per month. The following transactions are included in the limit of six (6) transfers out:

• Overdraft transfers
• Telephone transfers
• ComputerLine/MoneyLine transfers
• Pre-authorized or automatic payments or transfers to third parties
• Written checks (minimum of $500 each)

You may make as many of the following transfers per calendar month as you would like:

• Transfers or withdrawals made in person at a branch, by mail or at an ATM
• Withdrawal by check mailed to the depositor, requested by telephone call, MoneyLine or ComputerLine
• Automatic payment of service fees at MSUFCU
• Automatic transfers for the repayment of loans at MSUFCU

How to Apply
Open your Business IMMA Online:
• Login to ComputerLine
• Select Manage
• Choose Add a Savings or IMMA Account.

You may also open a Business IMMA by visiting any branch location or by calling 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968.

Dividends will not be earned any day the account balance falls below the $2,000 minimum.

There is a $0.25 excess transaction fee for each transaction exceeding 25 during the month.

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