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Changed is a debt repayment app that uses your spare change from everyday purchases to pay down your debt faster. Free to all MSUFCU members. Here is why you should know about it and why MSUFCU partnered with Changed.

The Changed App set out with a simple mission: Make debt repayment easy. Debt repayment can feel overwhelming a lot of the time, no matter what stage you' re at in life.

42% of US adults report that money concerns and dealing with debt negatively impact their mental health, leading to a host of problems such as anxiety, stress, and depression. But with the right tools at your fingertips, you can take control of your debt once and for all.

Changed was built by founders who hated seeing their debt hold them back from their goals. Nick Sky and Dan Stelmach, two Chicago based brothers, sought to change the narrative around debt and took their idea to Shark Tank and got Mark Cuban on board. Since then, the Changed app has had incredible success with helping thousands of people become debt free.

How does Changed do it?

After gathering basic information about your debt and spending habits, we create a custom debt repayment plan for you. No more of the same old budgeting hacks that usually boil down to giving up the things you love. Changed makes space for the things that bring you joy while you pay down your debts and save.

We put every penny you have to work, Changed allows you to send micropayments towards your debt every time you go buy groceries, a cup of coffee or fill up your car by rounding up all your transactions. We also offer a Boost feature for members that want a more aggressive pay down plan but also fits a budget. You can set one time Boosts when you have some extra cash or schedule small amounts everyday. Our philosophy is to make every penny count.

Changed allows you to own equity in your homes earlier than expected, pay back your debt earlier while saving on interest costs, save up for a rainy day fund and improve your credit score all in one app so you can reach your goals faster and be financially free.

Even better, it's all automated through the Changed platform allowing you to live your best life. We make it easy for you to track all the micropayments and your progress so you can see the impact your pennies have on your debt.

One of MSUFCU's key missions is to help members and our employees achieve financial security, their goals, and ultimately, their dreams. This is why we've partnered with Changed to get you there sooner.

Let us show you a whole new world that's out there when you are debt free. Let's do debt differently, together.

Download the Changed App today to get started!

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