“I was initially drawn to the Credit Union because of their commitment to community involvement. You gain a sense of pride when you see your company consistently driving change in your area. I look forward to this opportunity to have a voice in how we impact local causes, both large and small.”— Colleen, Credit Union employee
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Best Workplaces for Women

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Published: Oct 19, 2017

Best Workplaces for Women

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The Credit Union is proud to announce that it has been named one of the Best Workplaces for Women by Great Place to Work for 2017! The Credit Union was chosen for this award based on our unique and innovative programs that promote a culture of wellness. 


Our winning this award was based on key metrics, including how women rank their workplace in respect, fairness, management, and camaraderie; gender comparison, including meaningful work, fair pay, and future plans; and consistent experiences in a diverse group. The ranking gauged women’s assessment of their organizations’ culture, leadership, fairness, and other elements essential for a great workplace.