“I love volunteering with Junior Achievement because it helps kids understand what financial goals are from a young age. Seeing the look on their faces when they realize how much fun learning about finances can be is worthwhile! ”— Jessica, a Credit Union employee and volunteer
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Desk Drawer Fund Introduction

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Published: Jul 31, 2019

An Introduction of the Desk Drawer Fund

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MSU Federal Credit Union was founded in 1937 on the singular goal of helping members achieve their dreams. The Credit Union has come a long way since being founded out of a desk drawer on campus, but the core values and goals have not changed. We have always made giving back to the community a priority and in April 2019, a commitment to the community was reaffirmed with the creation of the Desk Drawer Fund.


The Desk Drawer Fund provides trustworthy, ethical, and community-oriented opportunities for members and employees to perform charitable giving that make a visible difference. The mission is to empower members, employees, and other businesses to contribute to a universal wellbeing by investing in the local communities and helping them flourish. Through funding for a variety of local nonprofits, members and employees alike will have the opportunity to contribute to the public good and make a positive impact.


The foundation focuses on five philanthropic pillars supporting the MSUFCU and OU Credit Union communities:


- Arts and Culture
- Stable Housing
- Empowering Youth
- Financial Education
- Fostering Entrepreneurialism


Since the founding of the Desk Drawer Fund, more organizations and foundations within the community have received the recognition, time, and aid they deserve. We’re excited to continue empowering those in our community to achieve their own goals – just as we did all those years ago, out of a single desk drawer. If you are interested in learning more or donating to the Desk Drawer Fund, please visit deskdrawerfund.org.