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Desk Drawer Fund Supports Stable Housing Initiatives

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Published: May 13, 2020

MSUFCU's Desk Drawer Fund Supports Stable Housing Initiatives During COVID-19

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During these challenging times, MSUFCU’s Desk Drawer Fund has supported initiatives focused on providing stable housing; one of the foundation’s philanthropic pillars. The Desk Drawer Fund has provided support for Haven House, Holy Cross Services, and St. Vincent Catholic Charities. Each of these charities are doing their part to ensure support for all community members in securing reliable and safe shelter.


Haven House has expanded its operations to place shelter families in hotels to keep them healthy and safe while accommodating food and supply delivery, and virtual case management. Haven House also supports families who recently moved into a home of their own through their Partners-In-Progress program. Nearly 30 families at a time are receiving phone case management and supplies. Haven House anticipates more need for their services in the coming weeks as families in their Partners-In-Progress program require more assistance due to COVID-19 related job loss. 


Holy Cross Services is taking in children through foster care who are abused and neglected. The organization is also housing older teens and providing adult substance abuse and mental health treatment. Additionally, Holy Cross Services runs a homeless shelter including a community kitchen and emergency shelter for anyone in need.


St. Vincent Catholic Charities (STVCC) continues to serve their clients during this pandemic including offering teletherapy, helping refugees file for unemployment, addressing legal matters for immigrants, and supervising electronic visits between children in foster care and their biological families. STVCC’s Children’s Home also remains operational 24/7 as they care for children in foster care who are healing from abuse and neglect.


MSUFCU and the Desk Drawer Fund thank each of these charities for their unwavering dedication to our community during this difficult time.