“I really enjoyed attending the NAHBS Professional Development Dinner. It was great to talk with the students about their experiences and answer their questions about professional growth. I appreciate the opportunity to make a difference in lives of students.”— Colleen, Credit Union employee
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Desk Drawer Fund Supports Lansing SAVE

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Published: Aug 14, 2019

Desk Drawer Fund Supports Lansing SAVE

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The Desk Drawer Fund is proud to support Lansing SAVE, through the Financial Education philanthropic pillar. The Financial Education pillar engages and educates community members to take charge of their finances in our communities.


Lansing SAVE is an organization partnering the Lansing School District, City of Lansing, and MSU Federal Credit Union. Their goal is to encourage school engagement and improved academic performance through financial education in the classroom. The resources provided allow students to save for the future and plan for their financial goals and dreams. Children entering kindergarten in the Lansing School District receive a savings account and are automatically enrolled at MSU Federal Credit Union.


Andy Schor, Mayor of the City of Lansing, said of the program, “Lansing SAVE is so much more than a savings account. It gives students and their families an opportunity for direct engagement with their school, their city government, and a financial institution. It shows them that we are invested in them and in their future. It is an asset-building program, certainly – but it is also a community-building program.”


For more information about Lansing SAVE or ways you can help the community you live in, visit, deskdrawerfund.org.


Desk Drawer Fund is proud to support Lansing SAVE in their efforts to educate students on finances.