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The Desk Drawer Fund Announces Young Entrepreneur Award

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Published: Jul 22, 2020

The Desk Drawer Fund Announces Young Entrepreneur Award in Partnership with ePIFanyNow

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One of the Desk Drawer Fund’s five philanthropic pillars focuses on fostering entrepreneurialism by empowering and educating entrepreneurs to develop skills and explore programs. As part of this commitment to the community, the Desk Drawer Fund is excited to announce the Young Entrepreneur Award, in partnership with ePIFanyNow™. The Desk Drawer Fund Young Entrepreneur Award will be awarded to a Y-PIFTM nominee who is utilizing entrepreneurialism to give back to the community.


The Desk Drawer Fund has selected Sierra Price as the first the recipient of the Young Entrepreneur Award based on the work she is doing through her tutoring initiative, Sierra’s Tutoring. Sierra noticed a need for tutoring services among her peers and not only did she offer those services for free, she has extended her services to other community members who are also in need of tutoring. Sierra’s entrepreneurial efforts stood out among nine other young changemakers who are making a difference in our communities. The Desk Drawer Fund will be donating to Sierra’s tutoring services to encourage the development and growth of Sierra’s initiative.


ePIFanyNow™ has also announced Asia Jones as this year’s Y-PIFTM winner for the work she is doing through her non-profit organization, Garden of Hope. Garden of Hope offers a leadership development program utilizing key components for preparation, success, intervention, exploration and awareness for girls grades 8-12. Asia will receive a $500 donation from ePIFanyNow™ for their organization.


Each year, ePIFanyNow™ also celebrates kindness with their annual Pass-it-Forward event routinely held at MSUFCU Headquarters. This year’s celebration was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, however local youths were still recognized virtually through the online nomination and voting process. With $1 raised for the cost of each vote, a total of $5,766 was contributed with each Y-PIFTM finalist receiving funds for their organization.