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Increasing Financial Literacy in Brandon School District

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Published: Jul 7, 2017

Connecting with Brandon School District Students to Increase Financial Literacy

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When the lunch bell sounds, students race to the door, grabbing their lunch boxes and white envelopes. Walking in a zigzag pattern, they enter the cafeteria ready to enjoy their meal and for some, their first lesson in personal finance. Those crisp envelopes aren’t just for sealing in lunch money, but also for a weekly savings deposit. As part of an initiative to help increase financial knowledge through hands-on experiences, the Credit Union has partnered with Brandon School District to provide financial education opportunities.


Throughout the 2016–2017 school year, the Credit Union employees collaborated with Brandon School District students to perform in-school transactions. Each elementary school acted as a Credit Union branch, where students were “hired” as employees. These students helped their classmates open new accounts and make deposits. At the end of the school year, participants visited our Ortonville Branch for a tour.


Middle school and high school students participated in a comparable program, coupled with social media contests. Brandon Middle School students teamed up to follow the Credit Union’s Financial 4.0 social media accounts to learn more about creating budgets and savings goals. The class with the most students to follow any Financial 4.0 social media account earned a pizza party—shout-out to Mrs. Legg’s fifth hour class!


Similarly, Brandon High School students were tasked with using Snapchat to share relevant photos and videos about budgeting. The #BrandonStudentBudgets campaign helped connect everyday choices such as buying a snack with basic financial concepts such as wants vs needs. Throughout May and June, students with the best posts were selected as winners and awarded a gift card.


As an organization, we are passionate about engaging community members of all ages and backgrounds in conversations about financial literacy. By creating fun and dynamic platforms for learning, we help connect those in our community with opportunities to sharpen their financial skills. We are pleased to partner with Brandon School District to help increase the understanding of financial concepts, while creating positive financial habits. For quick savings tips and more, follow Financial 4.0 on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter