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Back to School Savings

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Published: Aug 26, 2019

School Shopping on a Budget

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Goodbye to pool days, and hello to back to school routines, lunches, and supply shopping!

Don’t worry if you haven’t bought all of the supplies on your child’s back to school list. Prices can be inflated before school starts as everyone is buying, and some supplies on the list might not really be needed. It can be a great idea to buy what is needed for the first week or two of school, then wait for the items to go on clearance and buy the rest if necessary.

Did you know the cost of a single item can vary greatly depending on the brand, design, or character? If you only want to spend a certain amount on items, but your child insists on getting the more expensive option, have them help! Having them use allowance money to pay the difference between the generic option and the one they want helps teach the difference between a need and want while saving you money.

Another way to save money is to shop smart. There are several different cashback apps that will pay you either a set amount or percentage back on specific items. Check around on the different apps to see where you can earn money back and what items will give you the most on return.

If you have a student going off to college that needs items for their dorm room, look for garage sales and ask others what they actually used before going on a shopping spree. That being said, make sure to spend money where it’s needed on the items you want to last long term such as a laptop or computer.

Finally, besides of the cost of back to school shopping, the running around can be the next biggest obstacle. Look for stores that offer price matching to avoid the hassle of running from store to store while still getting the best deals saving you time and money!