“We are always so appreciative of the support of our sponsors for this event. MSUFCU not only contributes funds, but also contributes our print materials, billboards, hosts a booth for the children with face-painting and balloon animals, etc. The children of our community are able to learn about good health practices and be exposed to health care professionals in a non-threatening environment because of the Teddy Bear Picnic. ”— Barbara Ball-McClure, Teddy Bear Picnic Event Coordinator
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Being Prepared Helps with Holidays Savings

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Published: Nov 13, 2019

Being Prepared Helps with Holidays Savings

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November and December can be expensive months between Cyber Monday, additional parties, and possible time off of work. Don’t worry though, there are some other life changes you can make to help keep your budget on track!


According to data analyzed by Forbes, it costs almost five times less to cook at home than it does to order delivery from a restaurant. However, not eating out takes planning and preparation. Although you may already feel busier, it’s worth it to take the extra time to prepare meals ahead of time and cook dinner at home whenever possible.


Being prepared can also help prevent the unnecessary purchases that add up throughout the day. The $4 cup of coffee, $10 lunch, and $3 afternoon snack every day at work can total $85 a week! These might be items you normally budget for, but with increased expenses, it can be worth it to have at least one day a week where you commit to not spending ANY money. Fill up your tank ahead of time, pack your meals, and make coffee at home.


Finally, find ways to cut down how much you’re spending on activities. If you are hosting holiday parties, throw a potluck to allow everyone to contribute. Check out free activities in your area like classes for youth and adults offered at your local library or enjoying the cooler weather with outdoor fun. Also, try out a new craft or hobby you’ve been putting off, which could double as a holiday gift and save even more!


Long story short, try planning ahead to make sure you are able to start 2020 on track financially!