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March is Reading Month

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Published: Mar 10, 2020

Benefits of Reading with Your Children

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With spring upon us, the flowers will start to bloom, the days will get longer, and the eager kids will be ready to go outside and play. Along with that we also come upon the month of March, which is reading month! But how do we get the kids to stay inside and read, when all they want to do is go outside and play, or stay inside and be on their phones or, play video games? 


Read with your child!

Instead of saying that they have to stay inside and read a book, join them outside and read with them. When children are young we encourage reading by grabbing a book and helping them learn how to read, but what if we continued this with our preteens and even teens? 


Not only will this help build relationships with your children of any age but it will also help reduce stress. According to research by the University of Sussex, reading for six minutes can reduce stress levels by 68%. Stress is not just something that adults face. Preteen and teen stress is something that kids endure more and more each day. Let your child pick the series that you are going to read and try picking a new series each month. With the popularity of book clubs, create a new book club with your children.  


Of course children who don’t read that often may give push back, but think of a reward system for reading. Consider allowing one-hour of video game play for every hour your child reads. 


Don’t just make March reading month, make it a kick off to a new reading schedule for you and your children!