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Introducing the MSUFCU FUNtivity Zone

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Published: Jul 21, 2020

Introducing the MSUFCU FUNtivity Zone: Fun Activities to Do at Home With the Kids

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Due to the pandemic many changes have been made to our lifestyle, as well as our children’s. Summer activities may look different, but MSUFCU is here to help with some fun ways to keep your kids active.


The Credit Union has created its own children’s area on our website with fun activities to do while at home with the kids. The FUNtivity Zone includes games, videos and crafts. Several of them are budget friendly and easy to do.


Here are a few examples of what The FUNtivity Zone has to offer!


Create a scavenger hunt at home

Create different clues for the kids to find throughout the house. Give them challenges such as counting change to get the next clue. The more you put into the hunt, the more fun it will be!


Baking recipes

Have fun making banana bread muffins at home with the family.


Craft activities

Crafts range from making a piggy bank or making playdough.


As a bonus for MSUFCU youth account members, every time your child finishes an activity, they have the chance to win Youth Store coins!


Visit www.msufcu.org/specialoffers/funtivityzone to learn more and enter for a chance to win!


Visit https://www.msufcu.org/documents/funtivitylibrary for more activities on the FUNtivity Zone.