“We had a really great group of girls. They had a solid foundation that we were able to build on and I think they all walked away having learned something.”— Catherine H., Financial Educator
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Published: Aug 18, 2017

Lansing SAVE Helps Local Students Learn about Finances

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With fall approaching MSUFCU’s Financial Education Department is getting lesson plans together for a new year of Lansing Student Accounts Valuing Education (SAVE). MSUFCU has partnered with the City of Lansing and Lansing School District for the Lansing SAVE program. It originally started in the 2014-2015 school year with just five elementary schools and has continued to grow, by adding more elementary schools each year. 


The goal of the program is to educate children on saving and budgeting money. The program also provides students, with savings accounts from MSUFCU to encourage them to save money for their post-secondary educations.


The accounts that are opened at MSUFCU are 1-Year Add On Certificates. Contributions to the account can be made privately from individuals (student, family, and friends) or publicly from the City of Lansing.


Each month, starting in December, a member of MSUFCU’s Financial Education Department will visit each classroom to teach a 30-minute lesson on different topics associated with money. Topics will include how to save, budget, give back, and determine their future careers. The education as well as the accounts will follow the students throughout their careers in the Lansing School District.  


Last school year, a student from Lyons Elementary School asked neighbors and family if they had any extra chores the student could do to raise money for the SAVE account. This is one, of many examples of how the students are getting an understanding of how to earn money.


Cecilia, an MSUFCU Financial Educator stated, “This program is so important for students of the Lansing School District. Some of them may never be able to get an account or even visit a financial institution. For us to be able to come to them with this education is an amazing opportunity to help with the future of our community.”


As the program continues to grow, MSUFCU is now in 17 schools and 60 classrooms. Each year, the Credit Union will continue to add classrooms and educate students with more information about finances. We are excited to watch the future growth of the Lansing SAVE program as accounts grow and the knowledge of the students increase to set them up for financial success in adulthood. As they SAVE for tomorrow, the learning is every day!