“I enjoyed volunteering at Sparrow's Day of Miracles. I had a great time with my coworkers, and the energy from all of the volunteer participants made it so easy to help fundraise for Sparrow's Childrenâs Center. All of the funds raised stay right in our community, and it was a pleasure to be a part of helping Sparrow strengthen the services it is able to offer members of our community. ”— Chelsea, Credit Union employee
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Second Annual Financial Reality Fair

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Published: May 3, 2018

High School Students Learn How to Manage Real-Life Expenses at the Second Annual Financial Reality Fair

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In partnership with the Michigan Credit Union League, the Credit Union hosted the second annual Financial Reality Fair for local high school students at Lansing’s Sexton High School on Thursday, April 19. More than 150 students from Sexton, Eastern, and Everett high schools participated in the fair to learn about budgeting and financing with real-life examples.


Students were able to visit 13 stations that each focused on different areas of life expenses such as housing, food, leisure, charity, and more. To make the experience more realistic, students were given starting salaries based on their assigned careers. If students were assigned careers that required college degrees or specialized certifications, they were faced with student loan debts that impacted their budgets.


At each station, Credit Union employees and interns, as well as volunteers from City of Lansing, Foster Swift, Junior Achievement, MSU Sales Leadership Minor, Lansing Police Department, and Target, worked with students to help them understand how much they could spend and how to manage their life expenses.