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Summer Camp Financial Fun

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Published: Jul 10, 2019

Summer Financial Fun with MUCC's Michigan Out of Doors Youth Camp

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With the summer season underway, MSU Federal Credit Union is once again bringing financial education to the great outdoors at the Michigan United Conservation Club Michigan Out of Doors Youth Camp!


For the past seven years, MSUFCU has partnered with the MUCC on providing financial education to campers at the Michigan Out of Doors Youth Camp in a fun way. The campers range in age from five to sixteen years old, and a new group of 80 youths arrive each week to learn valuable knowledge and skills.


“Our campers learn outdoor hands-on skills like hunting, fishing, riflery, archery, canoeing, kayaking, and wilderness survival skills including fire building, shelter building, wild edibles, and orienteering,” said Shaun McKeon, MUCC Education Director. “They also learn natural resource-based science like water ecology, forestry, and fish and wildlife identification.”


In addition to these lessons, MSUFCU visits the camp on a weekly basis to provide important information on financial literacy in an interactive and engaging way. Through games and conversation, campers are taught important financial concepts like budgeting, saving, credit, and more.


“It’s an amazing opportunity to teach young people important financial concepts in an unconventional setting,” said Ian, a Senior Financial Educator. “It’s rewarding to see the campers really get into the games, and enjoy learning in a different way.”


MSUFCU seeks out opportunities to provide financial education to a wide range of schools, community groups, organizations, and businesses to help everyone better understand personal finance management. The goal at the MUCC Michigan Out of Doors Youth Camp is to teach campers lifelong skills, and the common goal of equipping individuals with the tools necessary to succeed is shared by both.


“The financial education MSUFCU provides to our campers is a great addition to our program,” said McKeon. “We pride ourselves on our focus of teaching the campers skills they can use throughout their lives. Finances, budgeting, and banking are skills that more people should learn as young adults, to help them create good habits later in life.”


MSUFCU is excited to continue the partnership with the MUCC Michigan Out of Doors Youth Camp, and to continue fostering the development of sound financial practices for campers and staff alike.


“By providing budgeting and saving learning opportunities during camp, MSUFCU is setting our campers up for long term financial awareness,” said McKeon. “Whether it is teaching the kids how to save up for their next fishing pole or tent, or learning about budgeting for a week long hunting trip, our kids will know the value of a dollar.”