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Wallet Watch Podcast

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Published: Apr 22, 2019

We're Excited to Introduce Our New Podcast, Wallet Watch

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We’re excited to introduce our new podcast, Wallet Watch! Wallet Watch, presented by MSUFCU/OUCU is hosted by Catherine Hurth, DaVante Montgomery, and Mars Woodbury. All three of the authors are financial educators with the Credit Union and talk about financial topics in a format that is both fun and relatable. The podcast serves as an additional way for the Credit Union to enhance our relationship with members and provide education.


Some of the topics that we will cover include: how to nail an interview, scams to avoid, and how to make money. The content that we cover includes personal stories from the authors, and tips that they have found to work for them.


Thus far, we have released five episodes. Our first three episodes are a series titled, “How to Nail an Interview” with an emphasis on the preparation, the interview, and the follow up. “Time is Money” talks about the importance of time management with some useful tips. “Getting Your First Big Kid Job,” which is the most recently released episode, is about things to consider when entering the professional world.


Wallet Watch is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Podbean, and more. We also have transcripts for each of the episodes. Transcripts are a great resource to have to refer back to some of the content shared in the podcast episodes. If you are interested in those, please send us an email at [email protected].


Currently there is also a contest! Any individual who listens, subscribes, and comments “subscribed #WalletWatchPodcast” on any of our Financial 4.0 social media accounts will be entered into a drawing for a gift card. Visit financial40.org/ to see the official rules to the contest. Go and give us a listen!