“I love having someone who believes in a middle ground. You can save without ruining yourself or excessively depriving yourself to do it. ”— Brandi, Willow Tree member
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Willow Tree Family Center

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Published: Oct 23, 2017

Willow Tree and MSUFCU Partner for Money Management Presentation

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On a rainy Saturday morning in October, several Lansing-area moms with young children ducked from their cars into the Willow Tree Family Center. With coffee in hand and an eagerness to learn, the small cohort got cozy around a table and warded off the early autumn chill.


Willow Tree Family Center is a Lansing-based non-profit that aims to serve young families. Their goal is to help women from the beginning of their pregnancy through the birth process and beyond, with a focus on holistic and research-based practice. The organization utilizes the community around them, including organizations like MSUFCU, to help them empower these families.


Mary, an MSUFCU Financial Educator, was happy to lead the day’s events. The women present did a group exercise to explore how their values, such as compassion, family-orientedness, or exploration, affect their spending habits, followed by an in-depth conversation about the inner workings of credit.


“Because our group was small, the attendees were able to enjoy an intimate conversation about their finances and share their personal experiences with one another,” said Mary.


Rachel, one of Willow Tree’s primary facilitators, found the presentation enriching. “I really liked the worksheets we did to identify our personality traits and how they might guide our spending habits. I look forward to seeing how this changes my discretionary spending, and also how ‘paying myself first’ will improve my savings and investments.”


“I love having someone who believes in a middle ground,” said Brandi, another Willow Tree member. “You can save without ruining yourself or excessively depriving yourself to do it.”


Willow Tree Family Center will host another educational get-together on February 10, 2018, to discuss college savings. The conversation is to include Michigan-specific programs such as Michigan Educational Trust, as well as traditional savings accounts including IRAs and Roth IRAs.