“We had a really great group of girls. They had a solid foundation that we were able to build on and I think they all walked away having learned something.”— Catherine H., Financial Educator
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Published: May 28, 2014

Annual Kids' Day Draws in Nearly 400 Children

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Every April, MSUFCU celebrates National Credit Union Youth Week with our Kids’ Day event. Working with the Credit Union National Association, credit unions across the nation host Kids’ Day events and activities encouraging them to save and responsibly manage their money.


On Saturday April 26, 2014, MSUFCU’s Kids’ Day was hosted at our Headquarters building. This year’s theme was “Catch the $ave Wave™” featuring beach themed games intended to teach children about money and finance. Members and the community were invited to attend and participate in various activities including an Impression 5 Science Center exhibit, visit from Lansing Lugnuts’ Big Lug and animals from Potter Park Zoo, a scavenger hunt through the sand, fingerprinting by the East Lansing Police Department, money counting games, and basketball game.


With our youth events, the Credit Union hopes to provide financial education and emphasize the importance of saving money. Our money counting game allowed children to guess prices of popular toys and count out play money for that amount. Paul, an Education and Outreach Specialist, helped lead the game and discussed money saving techniques with the children: “This game benefits children by teaching them the difference between a need and a want. An iPod may be a want while a book for school would be more of a need. Which purchase would then be more important if they do not have money for both? This game poses that question to children while helping them understand how expensive their wants can be. It also demonstrates the importance of being patient and that it can take time to save up enough money for something they really want.”


Sarah, a marketing specialist who helped organize the Kids’ Day event, said the Credit Union hopes to also “promote our youth accounts and have members and non-members alike open new accounts and products/services while they are at the branch enjoying a fun day.” MSUFCU offers three different youth accounts—Sweet Pea, Dollar Dog, and Cha-Ching—directed towards toddlers, young children, and adolescents respectively, and each account encourages kids to save their money. The Dollar Dog account, for example, provides a coin for every $10 deposited into the account. Once the child has ten Dollar Dog coins, they are able to redeem them for prizes at any of our branch locations.


Kids’ Day has been hosted at our Headquarters building since 2011 with attendance increasing each year. This year’s event proved to be the most successful with 397 children participating in the day’s activities. With events like Kids’ Day, MSUFCU is excited to continue to bring financial education to the community in a fun and interactive way. We look forward to hosting another Kids’ Day event in the coming year!