“The app continues to grow and be a resource for students to successfully navigate their finances anytime, anywhere. The programs in the MSU Neighborhoods allow students an important touchpoint with the Credit Union's financial experts and it gives an opportunity to have their questions answered and gain help in navigating specific financial situations in their lives. Ultimately, through the app and interacting with our team, the hope is that it leads to a more financially savvy student body.”— Paul, Senior Financial Educator
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Published: Sep 21, 2017

Welcoming Students Back to MSU's Campus

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The excitement that comes along with the beginning of a new school year was felt throughout the air during the week of August 21, 2017. MSUFCU employees helped welcome both returning and new students to campus through many events. Employees put up stations in front of MSUFCU’s East Lansing and Union branches, complete with a spin-the-wheel game where students could try their luck in order to win a backpack, laundry bag, sunglasses, pen/highlighter, water bottle, lanyard, or $5 cash. MSUFCU was also there to answer any questions students had about managing their finances while on campus.


“Oftentimes, we find that students haven’t had to manage their money on their own until they reach campus. That’s why it’s so exciting to get to talk to them as they move in. We can help them figure out options that are best for them and also let them know about the multitude of resources we have just for students,” said Julia, an MSUFCU employee who worked this year’s Student Welcome. 


MSUFCU’s Financial 4.0 website and mobile app help students learn about budgeting, saving, loans, and credit. Additionally, the Credit Union’s Financial Education Department hosts free Financial 4.0 seminars right in the dorms. These seminars go into more detail about all of the topics covered on Financial 4.0. Students can have questions answered about the steps to getting their auto loans, paying off student loan debt, and budgeting for their futures.


The events were successful, and MSUFCU looks forward to working with students throughout their time at MSU and beyond as they transition into life after college.