“It was a great opportunity to work with the students that participated. I had a blast helping teach the kids about camouflage in a fun and interactive way! I'm very glad to have been a part of the event.”— Ian, MSUFCU employee
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Conference Grant Program

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Published: Sep 5, 2013

New Partnerships Provide Funding for MSU Conference Grant Program

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We are excited to partner with Michigan State University’s Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies (VPRGS), Dr. Stephen Hsu, to support the Council of Graduate Students (COGS) conference grant program. The COGS conference grant program helps send MSU’s graduate and professional students to conferences around the country.


Through this partnership, our combined donation with the VPRGS will help with the development opportunities for students at MSU.


“As a university-based credit union, education is a top priority for MSUFCU. We are proud to partner with the Council of Graduate Students at MSU to enable graduate and professional students to attend key conferences in their fields of study and share world-class knowledge and research through the conference grant program,” said Sarah Bohan, MSUFCU’s Vice President of Corporate Relations.


These grants are awarded in denominations of $300 to students who are interested in either attending or presenting at conferences, and the funds go toward their travel, lodging, or registration fees.


“We are very grateful to MSUFCU and Dr. Hsu for recognizing the importance of graduate and professional students being able to go to such conferences in order to fulfill their academic, professional, and career goals,” added COGS President, Stefan Fletcher.


COGS represent more than 11,000 MSU graduate and professional students as the official student governance organization. Their mission is to improve and advance graduate education in order to ensure the vitality of intellectual discovery. They do this through advocacy, innovative research, and the development and dissemination of best practices at MSU.