“These scholarships will help six amazing young adults, who have demonstrated a desire for learning and growth, succeed. Each one of them has contributed to their communities in a unique way. ”— Amy Coe, Regional Assistant Vice President
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ePIFanyNow Y-PIF Award Nominees

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Published: Apr 9, 2019

Introducing the 2019 ePIFanyNow Y-PIF Nominees

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It's that time of year again - the time where we support the awesome work that kids in our community are doing. Members in the community are invited to vote for the recipient of the 2019 ePIFanyNow™ Y-PIF™ Award. The ePIFanyNow™ Y-PIF™ Award honors young individuals who are passing kindness forward and making a difference in their communities. Each vote is only $1 and all the money raised will be donated back to the individual Y-PIF™ nominee's project that receives the vote.


There are 11 amazing nominees for the award, each with a unique commitment to their community.


  • Alana Rosser
  • Chelsea Rostoni
  • Chloe Reece
  • Jackson Northwest School
  • Lansing Christian Schools
  • Logan Bouvier
  • Lorraine (Rainey) Terpening
  • Maddie Smith
  • Morgan Scarbro
  • Myla Wey-Koutsoubos
  • Walled Lake 3rd Grade Class


Winner of the Y-PIF™ Award will receive added funding for their youth-led activities/projects that provide service to others and make a positive contribution to their communities.


Click here to cast your vote(s) and find more information on each nominee’s project.


Join us at MSUFCU Headquarters on May 5 for the annual ePIFanyNow™ event where Y-PIF nominees are acknowledged and a winner will be announced.


At ePIFanyNow™ we know the power of kindness! It takes less than a second to make a positive difference in other persons’ life, and that gesture­–no matter how small or large–can have a profound effect on both the giver and receiver. The mission of ePIFanyNow™ is to create a revolution of positive, transformational experiences through acts of kindness. ePIFanyNow™ is a grassroots movement, with no religious or political affiliations, endeavoring to create positive change throughout the community and beyond.


MSUFCU is a proud supporter of ePIFanyNow™.