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The Credit Union Sponsors The Oldham Project

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Published: Apr 19, 2018

A Picture of Beauty and Strength: The Oldham Project Illustrates the Courage of Loved Ones

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There is an undeniable link between body and mind. Those diagnosed with terminal illnesses battle against physical and emotional demands. As time progresses, the physical effects of disease begin to weaken a person’s sense of normalcy. Suddenly, life is upended. Everyday activities are now seen through a lens of uncertainty. The Oldham Project, a local nonprofit organization, is offering a new perspective through the lens of a camera.


Founder, Terri Shaver, captures the beauty and courage of these warriors through photography. Shaver founded The Oldham Project in 2008 in honor of her sister in-laws, the Oldham sisters, who each valiantly battled breast cancer. Since then, the organization has helped highlight the radiance and strength of those fighting against life-threatening illnesses. At its core, The Oldham Experience is centered on creating a day that reminds these warriors that nothing will change who they are.


The experience starts by connecting with an Oldham representative over the phone. During the call, participants’ share their stories and personal situations. The Oldham Project emotionally empowers participants by designating this time and space for them to find their voice amidst adversity and to share their testimonies. Afterward, they then schedule a photography session with Oldham’s professional photographers.


Soon, the magic begins. An ethereal triumph fills the air because for one day, neither illness nor treatment will dominate conversation. With lightness in their steps, participants decide if they would like to receive a makeup session with a volunteer makeup artist. To some, this special touch is reinvigorating. At the beginning of the photography session, Shaver and her team effortlessly accentuate each participant’s invincible spirit. With fire in their eyes and an unburdened smile, they radiate hope.


Through a simple click of a lens, that moment of weightlessness is transformed into something tangible. Each participant receives a booklet of 8-10 photos from their session to share with family and friends. Additionally, they receive two free tickets to attend the Annual Fundraising Gala. The second annual event which takes place on Thursday, May 10, 2018, honors the lives of participants photographed during the year. At the gala, a portrait from each participant’s session will be displayed on a celebratory wall. This year, the wall will feature 50 beautiful portraits.


The Credit Union is a proud supporter of The Oldham Project and strongly supports its efforts to uplift those who bravely battle terminal illness. To learn more about The Oldham Project and the additional programs they offer, please click here.