“In 1958, the Credit Union served members from a Quonset hut on Willion Lane. Quonset huts provided extra space on MSU’s campus after World War II.”— MSUFCU History
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Davenport University Tuition Discount

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Davenport University Tuition Discount

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The Credit Union is excited to announce a 20% discount on tuition at Davenport University for MSUFCU members, employees, and eligible dependents!* As the second-largest private, nonprofit university in the state of Michigan, Davenport offers cutting-edge degree programs, with a proven track record of providing successful educational experiences for working adults.


Benefits from Davenport University include:

  • A 20% tuition discount per credit hour for undergraduate, graduate, and online programs (excluding CMBA, Occupational Therapy, MSN programs, and EMBA) for Credit Union members, employees, and eligible dependents up to age 29.
  • A 20% discount rate for non-credit/professional development programs offered at Davenport University campuses for Credit Union members, employees, and eligible dependents up to age 29.

*Eligible dependents are limited to MSUFCU members’ or employees’ spouses, sons, daughters, stepsons, and stepdaughters who qualify as dependents up to age 29.


Please note this discount only applies to new Davenport students. If you are currently enrolled at Davenport University, you are not eligible for this discount.


Davenport University offers maximum flexibility in scheduling classes with 7-week and 15-week, online and onsite course options. With 10 campuses throughout the state of Michigan and its global online college, there has never been an easier way to advance your education. To learn about this opportunity, visit Davenport’s website at davenport.edu or call 1-800-686-1600. When contacting Davenport, make sure to identify yourself as an MSUFCU member—or eligible dependent—and set up an appointment with one of Davenport’s admissions representatives.


2018 Course Start Dates:

  • Winter 2: March 5, 2018
  • Spring/Summer 1: May 7, 2018
  • Spring/Summer 2: July 2, 2018
  • Fall 1: September 4, 2018
  • Fall 2: October 31, 2018