“I am just so grateful to be able to visit Sexton High School and offer this amazing experience to kids that may never be able to learn about budgets until itâs too late! As a graduate of the Lansing Schools, I take pride in giving back in hopes that they will take what they learned to help each of them in the future!”— Cecilia, an MSUFCU employee
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Grand Rapids Tree Planting

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Published: Jun 26, 2019

MSUFCU Partners with Michigan Arbor Day Alliance to Plant Trees in Grand Rapids

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MSUFCU recently partnered with the Michigan Arbor Day Alliance (MADA) to plant 11 new trees at Fairplains Cemetary in Grand Rapids, MI. The Credit Union donated $2,000 to help support MADA’s efforts in maintaining an environmentally friendly community.

During the event, MSUFCU volunteers planted a variety of trees including Dawn Redwood, Hybrid Elm, Redbud, and Wireless Zelkova. The planting of these trees will help the city of Grand Rapids’ current Greening Initiative where they are striving towards a goal of 40% tree canopy cover.


“Trees provide a multitude of benefits to people, wildlife and the environment. They clean the air we breathe and the water we drink, provide shade, improve aesthetics, reduce energy costs, mitigate flooding, provide food and shelter for wildlife, and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Each time a tree is planted, we are investing in the health of our people and the environment. On Friday, May 24 we did just that.” Hannah Reynolds, Michigan Arbor Day Alliance

The Credit Union has an ongoing partnership with MADA, a coalition of organizations dedicated to celebrating Arbor Day and the important role trees play in community health and well-being, since 2011. Together, MSUFCU and MADA help provide local students with the opportunity to learn about the importance of forestry and natural resources. Over the course of the partnership, more than 600 trees have been planted in mid-Michigan.

In late April the Credit Union also joined MADA in the Arbor Day celebration, at Potter Park Zoo, which welcomed students, teachers and adult chaperones to learn about trees, ecosystems, forest wildlife, invasive species, watersheds, and more.