“I worked at the prize wheel and no matter how big or small the prize each child won, there was always a smile on his or her face. It's exciting to see how events like Kids'Day helps us strengthen our relationships with our youth members and community.”— Jarrod, Credit Union employee
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Junior Safety Officer Visits MSUFCU Construction Site

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Published: Jun 18, 2020

Junior Safety Officer, Brody, Visits MSUFCU's Construction Site and Earns Internship with Granger

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At the MSUFCU Sashabaw construction site, one eager “intern” was determined to learn more about building. Brody, a five-year-old starting elementary school next year at Pine Knob, joined the Granger team to find safe, innovative ways to connect with his local community.


With some extra time to spend during Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order, Brody seized the opportunity to visit the MSUFCU branch and explore his passion for construction. Brody spent a day among the Granger construction team to learn about construction and the safety procedures on the jobsite.


The Granger team quickly voted Brody to be an honorary junior safety officer. He still holds his internship duties including monitoring the project’s progress whenever he drives past in the car.


Below is a short interview between Brody and Granger Superintendent Carson Lyons.


CARSON: How old are you?


CARSON: Where do you go to school?
BRODY: Pine Knob Elementary (next year)


CARSON: How long have you been interested in construction?
BRODY: 5 years


CARSON: What type of experience do you have?
BRODY: I like playing in dirt


CARSON: What is your favorite tool?
BRODY: Tape measure


CARSON: What is something you’ve always wanted to build?
BRODY: A tower


CARSON: How high would your tower be?
BRODY: About as high as a fence


CARSON: What material would you use to build your tower?
BRODY: Blocks


MSUFCU is excited to have a new, dedicated safety worker looking over the branch. Thank you, Brody!