“The Homecoming Parade is always so much fun because it is a staple community moment for everyone in East Lansing. I love seeing a mix of both community members and students in the crowd!”— Lily, MSUFCU employee
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Published: Oct 21, 2019

MSUFCU Gears up for Kickoff to Lansing SAVE with SAVE Night

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MSUFCU is gearing up for Lansing SAVE with preparation underway for SAVE Night. This year, the annual kickoff event to the Lansing SAVE program will be on November 26, 2019. This free event has games for the kids, prizes, and food. We have great support from the community as well as from the Lansing Police Department, Fire Department, our DJ from Hot beats, and many more who all volunteer their time for the event. Just for attending, each Lansing SAVE student will receive $15 into their Lansing SAVE account. It is a great event where the parents can ask questions about the program as well as meet all of the amazing team supporting Lansing SAVE.


Lansing SAVE is a college savings program in which MSUFCU partners with the City of Lansing and the Lansing School District. Every incoming Kindergartener in the Lansing School District gets a savings account at MSUFCU. From December to May, a financial educator from the Credit Union goes to each classroom K-5 (with the exception of 3rd grade in Wexford, Lewton, and Post Oak at this time) for 30 minutes each month to teach kids about money and budgeting. The students then have the opportunity to bring money in for their Lansing SAVE account. This money is directly deposited into their accounts and saved through their entire career as a Lansing School District student.


Our goal is to have the parents as well as the students know all of the opportunities available for them to succeed. Our mission at the credit union is, “To provide superior service while assisting members and employees to achieve financial security, their goals, and ultimately, their dreams.” This is for all members at all ages, and if we can show these kids that we do care about their success starting at the age of five and continue to educate them all through school, then they will know that MSUFCU cares about their future.