“MSU, and our department, could not implement a program like this without generous community partners and collaborators. MSUFCU provides not only an expert role around credit and lending, but also is a valuable sponsor so that we make the event fun and enjoyable for all.”— Erica Tobe, MSU Assistant Professor
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Published: Feb 8, 2018

Stars Serve Short Stacks at Haven House's 4th Annual Pancake Palooza

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Four-star servers showcased their spatula skills on February 3, 2018, at Pancake Palooza. The fourth annual event, hosted by Haven House, is a fundraiser to help support families in the Lansing area. Each year, four Haven House supporters are invited to participate as a Star. Servers compete with one another by creating donation campaigns and selling event tickets. The Credit Union is proud to support these efforts to provide care for local families.


Haven House is a Lansing-based organization dedicated to providing families with emergency housing and support services. Unlike some shelters, Haven House is the only shelter in the tri-county area that allows entire families to stay together. Often, shelters are forced to separate families or divide children amongst the foster care system. Haven House is committed to helping families maintain a sense of unity during and beyond crisis. The organization is instrumental in helping prepare families for permanent housing. By offering services centered on sustainable budgeting and self-sufficiency, Haven House gives residents a safe place to live and learn.


Events such as Pancake Palooza help make these valuable resources accessible. Transforming a morning of pancakes, bacon, and coffee from a filling breakfast to a meaningful investment. For every $1,000 raised, a family is able to stay at Haven House. This year, the fundraiser resulted in record numbers, as stars raised a of total $42,000. The Credit Union is honored to help uplift the community and connect families with resources through sponsorship. To learn more about Haven House and its services, please click here