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Published: Oct 9, 2018

STEM for All's Big Dream to Spread Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic Subjects

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MSU Federal Credit Union is a proud supporter of STEM For All, a nonprofit organization that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematical subjects. Their goal is to build low-cost science centers that are almost entirely built by local school students. STEM For All aims to have an affordable and accessible center in order to spread their education to the public. One of their most current projects is called “Sowing the STEM Seeds,” which will create five of their major exhibits. MSUFCU’s grant funds will be utilized to help bring this project to life.


STEM For All was created by Uma Umakanth, who is also the President of Symbiosis International. Symbiosis International is a company that provides IT services for Lansing area businesses. They have created STEM For All not only as their way to give back to the community, but because it is something they are passionate about. 


STEM for All’s dream is to have a science center with 90 small exhibits and 10 major exhibits. Sowing the STEM Seeds project will have created five of the major exhibits by the end of 2018, all of which will have been built by over 100 local school students. Once the exhibits are complete, other students will be able to replicate them. These exhibits will be placed at the MSU Planetarium, Impression 5, and local schools. These five exhibits alone are projected to reach over 75,000 people annually. 


STEM For All has presented their exhibits to MSUFCU, LCC, MSU, local schools, Impression 5, and the Capital Area District Library. MSUFCU was the first non-educational institution to allow STEM For All to present their exhibits at our annual Kids’ Day event, where we welcomed over 900 community members. 


 “I want to thank you and MSUFCU for your support that has been beyond my expectations,” said Uma Umakanth, President of STEM For All.


 If you would like to join STEM For All in their journey to build low-cost science centers or if you would like to know more about this organization please click here