“It was so fun to see the look in the RDC employees' eyes when we showed up with all of the winter gear. They were surprised by how much we brought and so thankful to be able to help more refugee families by providing them coats, hats, and gloves during the winter months. It was a great feeling to know that more people could stay warm this year because of the RDC.”— Julia, Credit Union employee
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Published: Jun 7, 2018

Employees Help to Tackle Alzheimer's Disease at Third Annual Michigan RivALZ Game

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On May 19, MSUFCU employees participated in the 2018 Michigan State vs. Michigan RivALZ Flag Football game, benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association. The annual RivALZ event is where two teams of women compete in a flag football game to inspire fundraising, awareness, and action in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.


Despite rainy conditions on MSU’s campus, Team MSU was able to keep the RivALZ trophy in East Lansing for another year with a final score of 33-22 over Team Michigan


“I was very happy to have been able to help coach team Michigan State in this year’s RivALZ game in our second victory over team Michigan! Our Head Coach Chad Schaberg put together some great plays, but the key to our success the past two years has been a player-led effort,” said Rico, a Credit Union employee and Team MSU Coach.


“The RivALZ game is a great focal piece, to bring together two great advocacy groups for a fun activity with a focus on fundraising. I love to participate in this event because of the spirit of comraderie and competition that brings two groups together for a common goal.”


The Credit Union was proud to support the event as the Touchdown Sponsor for the third year. Additionally, MSUFCU made a contribution to each Credit Union player’s fundraising efforts.


“It was inspiring to hear MSUFCU’s name announced every time our team made a touchdown. I’m so proud to be a part of a company that supports our community and organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association,” said Lauren, a Credit Union employee and Team MSU player.


Through corporate sponsorships and personal donations, the event raised more than $11,300. This brings Michigan RivALZ’s three year fundraising total to over $68,000. All funds raised for RivALZ goes directly to the Alzheimer’s Association.