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MSUFCU Sponsors #CharlotteRising

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Published: Apr 19, 2017

Providing New Opportunities to Charlotte Community Members through #CharlotteRising

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Charlotte, a rural community located outside of Lansing, is rising to reclaim the city’s vibrancy through an effort known as #CharlotteRising. This movement was brought to life by Michigan governor, Rick Snyder’s Rising Tide Program. In conjunction with Rising Tide, Charlotte was recently named one of three cities to be supported by the Michigan Main Street Program. The Credit Union supports this effort, and is proud to help sponsor the initiative to catalyze economic growth.


The Michigan Main Street Program will help support Charlotte’s efforts to revitalize the downtown area while attracting new residents, for the next five years. Charlotte is one of 35 Michigan communities participating in the three-level program. The three levels: associate, select, and master, are determined by a community’s commitment and are used to pinpoint the services a community will receive.


Charlotte community members have been at the forefront of this effort for economic momentum. Their commitment to revitalization has played a key role in helping the city advance from the associate level to the select level. While coordinating resources from additional programs, residents are also leveraging their cultural and architectural heritage to fuel progress. Sharing this perspective has helped facilitate candid conversations about the challenges and successes Charlotte has faced.


The city has already begun to see development, as several local businesses are expanding their locations to include Charlotte. Notably, Strange Matter Coffee Co., a popular coffee shop based in Downtown Lansing, recently announced that their second store will be located in Charlotte. With the help of community leaders and local business owners, the city’s pulse is beginning to beat strong.


The Credit Union recognizes this effort to help revitalize the city of Charlotte. As one of our core values, we acknowledge the importance of pursuing growth and development. We are dedicated to improving and developing ourselves and our community. Through sponsorship, we help build and support the dreams of our community members. To learn more about #CharlotteRising, please visit their website here