“One of MSUFCUâs core values is giving back to the community, and we are excited to encourage our employees to volunteer and donate to local nonprofits”— April Clobes
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Published: Sep 21, 2017

The Passion Project Allows Employees to Give Back

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This year the Credit Union launched its new employee program: The Passion Project. This program allowed employees to apply to win one of two $500 grants to complete service projects with charitable organizations of their choice. There were several entries for a multitude of charitable organizations. On Friday, September 8, 2017, The Passion Project winners were announced to all employees.


The first winner was Colleen, an eServices Specialist, who chose to complete her service project with The Firecracker Foundation, a local nonprofit that is dedicated to providing a safe space for children and adolescents who have survived sexual assault. The mission of The Firecracker Foundation is to cultivate a supportive community of survivors and promote healing through holistic services such as group therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga, and support groups. The service project will help with the furnishing of a new sensory garden for participants and their families to enjoy in the new building they have recently moved into. The sensory garden will be child-friendly and appeal to the senses with a small water feature, wind chimes, fragrant herbs, chalk, bubbles, and more. This will provide a comfortable space in which families and children can gather, relax, and create while receiving treatment.


“Through our Passion Project service project, MSUFCU employees are invited for a day of service at the Firecracker Foundation main office. The purpose of this service project is to begin converting an empty concrete area outside the center into a sensory garden, which will appeal to all five senses with elements such as water, fragrant herbs, chalk, wind chimes, and other child-friendly things. This sensory garden will provide a friendly space in which children receiving treatment can interact, play, and, most importantly, feel safe. It will also provide a calm area in which parents and families can gather and relax. The tasks for this event include cleaning, gardening, arranging features, and other outdoor work. This is an excellent opportunity for employees to see exactly how their support impacts one of our charity partners and the young lives that Firecracker Foundation touches every day,” said Colleen.


Patty, an Accounting Specialist, was the second winner. She chose to complete her service project with Child and Family Charities. Child and Family Charities has been around for over 100 years with the mission to help protect, support, and strengthen children, teens, and families. They have six divisions and over 17 programs including foster care, teen pregnancy, child abuse, teen homelessness, truancy, and more. On a yearly basis, they provide services to several thousand children, teens, and families in the mid-Michigan area. Child and Family Charities is currently holding a bike drive to benefit children throughout their various divisions, and the $500 grant will be used to purchase bikes, helmets, and pads for the children in the various programs that they support.


The Credit Union’s core value of giving back to the community drives us to open up more opportunities each year for our employees to give back. From volunteering to fundraising and now The Passion Project, our employees are involved in their communities. So far in 2017, MSUFCU employees have volunteered over 2,000 hours both through Credit Union opportunities and personally.


MSUFCU is proud to support the community!