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Mortgage & Home Loan Disclosures

Pursuant to Michigan Public Act 660 of 2002

If you obtain this loan, the lender will have a mortgage on your home. You could lose your home, and all money you have invested in it, if you do not meet your obligations under the loan, including making all your payments.


Mortgage loans rates and closing costs and fees vary based on many factors, including your particular credit and financial circumstances, your earnings history, the loan-to-value requested, and the type of property that will secure your loan. Higher rates and fees may be applicable depending on the individual circumstances of a particular consumer's application.

You should shop around and compare loan rates and fees. This particular loan may have a higher rate and total points and fees than other mortgage loans. You should consider consulting a qualified independent credit counselor or other experienced financial advisor regarding the rate, fees and provisions of this mortgage loan before you proceed. For information on contacting a qualified credit counselor, ask your lender or contact the United States Department of Housing and Urban Developments online or at 800-569-4287 for a list of counselors.

Your payments on existing debts contribute to your credit ratings. You should not accept any advice to ignore your regular payments to your existing creditors.


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240 Agriculture Hall, MSU Campus
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2111 Woodward Avenue, Suite 906
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612 S. Creyts Road, Suite C
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735 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 866-946-7432


The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act), designed to enhance consumer protection and reduce fraud, established minimum federal regulations for individuals who write mortgage loans. The SAFE Act also created a nationwide mortgage licensing database to help consumers ensure their mortgage loans are being handled by an employee licensed under SAFE Act guidelines.


Mortgage loan originators employed by a federally regulated depository, such as Michigan State University Federal Credit Union, must meet the licensing standards established by the SAFE Act and be registered in the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). To be eligible for registration under the SAFE Act, home loan originators are required by the federal government to attend classes related to mortgage licensing, pass federal and state tests, and complete credit and criminal background checks.


A list of MSUFCU employees currently licensed in the NMLSR can be found below, along with each employee’s NMLS ID. MSU Federal Credit Union’s license number is 405297.


For more information, visit the NMLSR Consumer Access website or feel free to contact us.


MSU Federal Credit Union Employees Registered with the NMLS   

NMLS ID Last Name First Name
1143549 Aldrich Jamie
1152378 Ammerman Lera
1152831 Andronikidis Karrie
1152372 Bach Brandi
880177 Baecker-Smith Kathy
1059338 Baldino Michelle
455756 Bancroft Erica
935090 Beard Jordan
798298 Bock Tiffany
1229371 Bowman Jerrica
455758 Boyd Lichiu
798299 Boyer Stephanie
455760 Broughman Abbie
1142188 Brown Anthony
455762 Bush Justin
1152830 Bush Renee
798308 Bussa Brandon
493380 Carpenter Robert
635834 Carr Suzanne
1046614 Castel Rojelio
1184132 Clark Andrew
455764 Clark Dale
455763 Clark M'Lisa
798300 Coe Amy
1138842 Croley Anne
1142169 Cummings Benjamin
1046617 Daly Heather
608932 Dassance Abby
969930 Davidson Graham
1071021 Davis Gregory
1046615 Deneau Danielle
798304 Dilts Nicole
455768 Docherty Jennifer
455769 Dolan Sara
500135 Douma Mary
1038569 Drwencke Justin
1229370 Duncanson Ian
1285767 Dupras Sarah
1065092 Dyer Benjamin
798306 Edmond Sonya
591157 Eifert Heather
1152371 Elmore Samantha
455767 Eriksson Megan
1071020 Freels Ann
1138841 Freund Jessica
455773 Fullerton Kimberly
992959 Gakenheimer Bradley
1142165 Gauna Bethany
1065103 Geller Cynthia
455775 Gilman Michelle
1152434 Gonzales Anissa
992958 Gross Michael
1046616 Halfmann David
1152374 Hatcher Jesse
1138749 Hewson Justin
1184131 Hill Amber
1219954 Horn Allison
1071019 Horton Chandra
1221528 Hosey Laura
1152373 Huhn Victoria
1072925 Hull Jessica
455776 Hunt Erin
455777 Hutchings Melisa
992957 Inman Christopher
1142164 Jackson Amanda
1204877 James Gina
1244615 Jeffreys Stephanie
455779 Johnson Paula
1152376 Kagey Jonathan
917914 Kaminskaya Irina
951256 Kendle Tyler
1143609 Kindel Allison
1152368 King Rhonda
1228018 Kinney Christy
455781 Knopps Kelly
1152369 Koch Jacqueline
455782 Kolka Jessica
1038572 Kuykendoll Ashley
1204876 LaFave Leah
455783 Larsen Ryan
1208287 LeBlanc Megan
1190440 Lemon Sara
1275146 Lenhard Kenneth
455784 Liles Laura
455785 Lin Wanyu
1152833 Lott Adam
591498 Macaluso Denya
1184125 Manning Ashley
455786 Martin Rhodope
1023367 Maxey Kara
455788 McClure Christopher
951254 McCoy Ronda
455789 McGowan Dana
1245477 McKee Caitlin
1138840 McWherter Carla
1038570 Medina Casie
455792 Medina Vera Mario
880179 Meissner Doreen
455793 Mendoza Jesus
455794 Meschini Julie
1227606 Miller Ashleigh
455795 Miller Paula
455787 Moreno Rachelle
1023365 Murphy Alison
455820 Murray Andrea
455796 Norton Stephanie
455798 O'Malley Tarissa
1257870 Oviedo Angeline
1219955 Palacios Ryan
1204872 Parsons Ashley
1089788 Perez Jane
805243 Pitmon Colleen
1204874 Ploeg Jennifer
1208286 Porter Franklin
1184128 Pothoof Kathryn
1142166 Potter Chelsea
455799 Powers Jeffrey
538655 Roush Kyle
455800 Ramos DeAnne
798303 Ring Scott
1204873 Roush Danielle
455802 Sanders Jason
455805 Schlak Vicki
455806 Schmitt Michelle
1204875 Schubeck Kara
1208822 Schueller Karen
455808 Shappee Karla
591488 Sharpe Corinne
455809 Showerman Kelly
1208285 Singleton Taylor
1184130 Sipkovsky Jordan
1208824 Sliva Timothy
455810 Smith Jenny
1209924 Snover Sarah
455812 Spayd Heather
455813 Stuart Mary
1152832 Terenzi Mary
455815 Thomlison Kathleen
1124863 Thomson Alex
500108 Townsend Larry
1125802 Trevino Jasmine
1039502 Tribell Brian
455816 Trumble Christopher
1152375 Turek Benjamin
1184126 Turowski Maria
455817 Van Ess Amanda
455818 Vanderlaan Jason
1184127 Viglianco Danielle
1152370 Vogt Deborah
1184129 Waligorski Russell
935089 Walker Carrie
455819 Wallas Diane
902933 Walters Karen
1225802 Watson Alex
1289351 Weaver Anne Marie
935091 Whipp Betty
1125801 Wickham Ashley
1152432 Williams Aleisha
455821 Williams Timothy
455822 Willison Stacy
1208823 Winsor Ryan
1184123 Wolf Bobi
1152433 Worth Jennifer
1038571 Wright Amy
1143550 Wright Kyle
1184124 Yinger Jessica
455811 Zannini Jamie
1231001 Torres Rickie


Last updated: 03/02/2015