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Savings, Checking & General Account Disclosures

Oakland University Credit Union, OUCU, is a licensed trade name of Michigan State University Federal Credit Union. All of your account materials will reflect the OUCU logo.


MSUFCU remains the legal entity behind both brands, MSUFCU and OUCU. Your legal documents and Federal Reserve transactions will be listed in your account as MSUFCU. Examples include auto liens, ACH transaction postings, loan agreements, mortgage documents, etc.


You will be able to connect any MSUFCU and OUCU accounts. For example, if you are an OUCU affiliated account and your child attends MSU and has an MSUFCU affiliated account, you can still connect the two accounts for transfers. One account will have OUCU logos and the other MSUFCU logos.


If you have any questions about your current account affiliation, or would like to switch your account affiliation at anytime, contact OUCU at 248-364-4708 or 800-766-6828, online at, or visit one of our branch locations.