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Visa Credit & Debit Card Disclosures

For Platinum Visa for Teens Credit Card

Parent's/Legal Guardian's Agreement 

  • I agree that my teen should have an MSUFCU Visa Credit Card with a manageable starter limit.
  • I understand that I am responsible for repayment of the card balance and any interest fees accumulated should my teen not be able to repay the amount borrowed.
  • I agree to discuss the terms and conditions of the card with my teen.
  • I agree to discuss with my teen the types of purchases that may be charged to his/her MSUFCU Visa Credit Card, e.g., emergencies, clothing, online shopping, school expenses.
  • I agree that my teen should know how to handle his/her finances and will help him/her with their financial education.
  • I will review my teen's monthly Visa statement and discuss the cost of credit and the importance of repaying the account on time..
  • I will review the fees associated with and the interest charged on the MSUFCU Visa Credit Card with my teen  and discuss how they can be reduced.
  • I will help my teen develop a simple budget to track his/her income and expenses.
  • I will discuss short- and long-term savings goals with my teen.
  • I agree that setting a good example for my teen is necessary for him/her to make wise financial decisions.

Teen's Agreement

  • I agree that the MSUFCU Visa Credit Card is a privilege to use and that I am required to repay any money borrowed through my use of the card.
  • I agree not to spend more than I can afford to repay and must repay my MSUFCU Visa Credit Card in a timely manner.
  • I know I will have to maintain a budget so that I do not spend more than I earn.
  • I understand that a good credit history is important.
  • I agree to make the minimum payment on time and, whenever possible, to pay more than the required minimum or pay the balance in full to reduce loan interest charges.
  • I understand that by paying my bill in full each month, I will not be charged interest.
  • I understand that my limit is $500 and that I cannot charge more than that amount to my card. Consistently being over limit may be detrimental to my credit history.
  • I understand that if I fail to make my payment by the due date each month, I will be charged a late payment fee and the fee will be added to my balance.
  • I will develop some short- and long-term savings goals to help me reach my financial objectives.


MSUFCU Routing Number: 272479663

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