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Account Information
What is my MSUFCU account number?
Your account number consists of two parts: your base account number and the account ID.

For example, if your account number is 123456-03, 123456 is your base account number and 03 is your two-digit I.D. designating your savings or checking account. Your two-digit I.D. number can be found on your MSUFCU statement.

You MUST include your full account number, including the two-digit ID, when making transfers, wires or any electronic funds transfer such as Direct Deposit of your payroll.

How can I join MSUFCU if no one in my family is a member, I'm not an MSU student and I do not work for either university?
Anyone can become eligible for MSUFCU membership by joining the MSU Alumni Association or the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC). You do not have to be an MSU alumni to join the MSUAA. Visit our Who Can Join? page for more information.

I joined the MSU Alumni Association/Michigan United Conversation Clubs in order to become an MSUFCU member. Do I need to renew my membership with them to remain an MSUFCU member?
No, once you pay the initial fee you do not have to pay again. Once you're a member of MSUFCU, you remain a member.

What is the routing number at the credit union?
The routing number (ABA) for MSUFCU is 272479663.

Is there a fee to open an account with MSUFCU?
There is an initial $1 membership fee and a minimum $5 balance that must be kept in the Spartan Saver account at all times. The Spartan Saver is the required account at MSUFCU.There are no other fees associated with your MSUFCU membership. View our fee schedule.

Can I open a checking account without having a Spartan Saver account?
No. Every member must open a Spartan Saver savings account before adding any other type of account.

What are the Classic Checking account fees?
$5 per month if the balance falls below $500 at any point during the month.There is no fee if your balance is $500 for the entire month. View our fee schedule.

What are the Totally Green Checking account fees and minimum balance requirement?
There are no fees associated with the Totally Green Checking account and your first box of checks is free. There is also no minimum balance requirement. View our fee schedule.

Can I write unlimited checks with a Totally Green Checking account?
Yes. There is no per-check fee associated with MSUFCU's Totally Green Checking account. Additionally, your first box of checks is free.

What are the Money Market Checking account fees and minimum balance requirement?
A fee of $5 is charged if your balance falls below $2,000. The minimum balance to open the account is $2,000. View our fee schedule.

Does the MSUFCU have safe deposit boxes available?
Yes, we do. Safe deposit boxes are available at our Headquarters Branch, and are accessible during business hours. Click here for pricing and size information.

I am a student and currently have an account with MSUFCU. Do I have to close my account when I graduate?
No. Once you are a member, you are always a member.

How often do the dividend and interest rates change on accounts and loans?
Dividend rates can, but do not always, change weekly. Loan rates can, but do not always, change monthly.

Will my deposits and withdrawals post to my account if I only provide my base account number?
No. For proper credit you need to include the two-digit I.D. number that follows your base account number. This will specify which account the funds will be deposited to (savings or checking).

I am moving out of the Lansing area, are there available ATMs that will not charge a service fee?
Yes. MSUFCU ATMs are part of the CO-OP Network. There are nearly 30,000 free ATMs available to you throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico on the CO-OP Network.

How do I know if I am set up to use remote services such as the MSUFCU Mobile app, ComputerLine, and MoneyLine?
Most members are automatically set up to use these services when they open their new account. Check your status by calling at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968 or by visiting any MSUFCU branch.

Why should I open an account with MSUFCU if I already have an account elsewhere?
MSUFCU is a full-service financial institution with a wide variety of products and services to fit your needs. From youth accounts to retirement accounts, we are here for you every step of the way. We have over ten branches in the Greater Lansing area, offer extended call center hours, allow you to make check deposits via our mobile app and online banking, and are part of the CO-OP Network which has nearly 30,000 ATMs across the US.

How can my parents make a deposit into my account?
Parents can:
  • Mail a check to the credit union.
  • Wire money from their financial institution to MSUFCU. There is a $5 fee to receive a wire. (View fee schedule)
  • Make a deposit at a Shared Branch or Credit Union Service Center.
  • Make a deposit at an ATM.
  • Parents with MSUFCU accounts can transfer funds online via ComputerLine from their account to your account. Please contact MSUFCU to activate this access.

  • Should I leave my account open during the summer?
    Yes! You can access your account while you are home or vacationing during the summer months in a variety of ways.
    • Use the MSUFCU Mobile app, ComputerLine, or MoneyLine for 24-hour account access to view balances, transfer funds, and pay bills.
    • Use ATMs for deposits and withdrawals. Use ATMs for deposits and withdrawals. As a member of the CO-OP Network, you have access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the U.S.
    • Your MSUFCU Visa Debit Card can be used for worldwide access to your checking account.
    • Visit a Shared Branch or Credit Union Service center to conduct a limited amount of transactions.

    How can I still maintain my account when I move to a different state?
    There are several ways available to keep you connected with your MSUFCU account even after you have moved out-of-state.
    • Use the MSUFCU Mobile app, ComputerLine, or MoneyLine for 24-hour account access.
    • Use ATMs for deposits and withdrawals. Use ATMs for deposits and withdrawals. As a member of the CO-OP Network, you have access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the U.S.
    • Visit a Shared Branch to conduct a limited amount of transactions.
    • Arrange for direct deposit with your employer directly to your MSUFCU account.
    • Your MSUFCU Visa Debit Card can be used for worldwide access to your checking account.
    • Call our Call Center from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday ET. A representative can help you perform a variety of transactions, apply for a new loan, and provide assistance and information.

    Can I open a checking account even though I am not 18 years old?
    Yes. Members under the age of 18 can open a checking account. However, an MSUFCU Visa Debit Card will not be issued until the member turns 18. Parents can co-sign for a Visa Debit Card or Visa Credit Card if a student is under 18 years of age.

    What is the difference between a credit union and a bank?
    Credit unions tend to offer:
  • better dividend rates on savings accounts-lower interest rates on loans
  • lower service fees

    Credit unions look out for their members, whereas banks have the interest of their stockholders in mind.
  • At your credit union you are an equal owner with every other member.

  • If my Classic Checking account balance falls below the minimum more than once during a month, will the minimum balance fee be charged each time?
    The minimum balance fee will only appear once at the end of the month.

    How can I transfer funds to my loan in another financial institution?
    You can set up monthly or twice monthly payments for the same amount using ACH Origination. You will need to provide MSUFCU with the financial institution's routing number, account number with suffixes, plus the amount to be withdrawn. This is a free service that will take place the same date each month or the next business day. Set up payments by completing the ACH Origination Authorization Agreement.

    How can I check my balances?
    Check your account balance at a branch, via ComputerLine, MoneyLine, the MSUFCU Mobile app, or by calling 800-678-4968 or 517-333-2424.

    If I deposit money in the ATM, when is it available to me?
    The money is available immediately, but the limits for your ATM withdrawals for the day still apply.

    How do I set my overdraft to not count as part of the 6 transfers allowed by Reg D?
    Request your overdraft to be transfered from an existing line of credit loan such as MSUFCU Visa Credit Card or Instant Cash as the first option for overdraft.

    How do I close my account with MSUFCU?
    You may request to close your account in person at any MSUFCU branch location or by written request. Please be sure to include your signature with your written request for verification.

    Mail your request to:
    MSU Federal Credit Union
    PO Box 1208
    East Lansing, MI 48826

    For express mail, please send your request to:
    MSU Federal Credit Union
    3777 West Rd.East Lansing, MI 48823

    You may also request to close your account via the secure eMessage Center located within ComputerLine.

    How old do I have to be to be a Silver Spartan member?
    To be a Silver Spartan member you must be 55 years of age or older.

    What benefits and services will I receive if I am a Silver Spartan member?
    Silver Spartan members receive the following benefits: Personal service from the Specialty Accounts coordinator, Classic Checking account with no monthly fees, free checks, free money orders, free cashier's checks, free notary services, and free domestic wire transfers.

    What is phishing?
    Fraudulent emails known as phishing scams pose as your financial institution or other trusted business in order to obtain your personal and financial information. Phishing is a particularly devious scam because it attempts to exploit the relationship of trust that you have with those businesses.

    For more information, please visit our Phishing page

    What is APY?
    APY is Annual Percentage Yield. This is the rate of return on an investment for a one-year period. For a dividend-bearing account, such as a savings account, the effective annual rate of return taking into account the effect of compounding dividends.

    What is APR?
    APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. This is the one year rate that is charged for borrowing (or made by investing). By law, credit card companies and loan issuers must show customers the APR.

    Why didn't I receive a 1099-INT form?
    If your account did not earn a minimum of $10 in dividends during the taxable year, a 1099-INT form is not created. You can view your dividends earned year-to-date within ComputerLine. If your account meets this requirement, you may have elected to receive your MSUFCU tax documents electronically. To view, print, or save your tax document, sign into ComputerLine, select the Manage menu and click eStatements under the Account Information & Research section.

    How do I change my name on my account?
    To make a legal name change, we must receive a completed MSUFCU Name Change Form. Download this form and return it to:
    Michigan State University Federal Credit Union
    PO Box 1208
    East Lansing, MI 48826

    For express mail, please send your request to:
    MSU Federal Credit Union
    3777 West Rd.
    East Lansing, MI 48823

    We will print new cards and checks for your account bearing your new name.

    How do I add a joint party to an existing account?
    To add a person as a joint party on your account, please send a completed joint party application by mail to:
    MSU Federal Credit Union
    3777 West Rd.
    East Lansing, MI 48823

    Be sure to include your current account number, all completed joint party information, and signatures from all current account owners as well as the new joint party's signature. Print the joint party application. (PDF)

    How do I change the contact information on my account?
    Once signed into to your ComputerLine account, select the My Profile icon to update your contact information.

    If you have more than one base account number you will have to sign into each account separately to update your contact information.

    Are my funds insured?
    All share accounts at MSUFCU (including Insured Money Management Accounts, Certificates, Spartan Savers and checking accounts) are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for $250,000. IRAs are insured for an additional $250,000. The NCUA provides insurance for credit unions in the same way that the FDIC provides insurance for banks. Additional information about share insurance and MSUFCU's financial security can be found here.

    How do I add or change account beneficiaries?
    To add or change a beneficiary on your account, please complete the Beneficiary Designation form and return to MSUFCU at a branch, via ComputerLine eMessage or mail to:
    MSU Federal Credit Union
    ATTN: Specialty and Support Services
    PO Box 1208
    East Lansing, MI 48826-1208

    What is the credit union's BIC, IBAN, or SWIFT number?
    MSUFCU's SWIFT Code is MSUCUS44.

    I have lost my checkbook. What should I do?
    Lost or stolen checks should be reported as soon as possible at an MSUFCU branch, by telephone at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968, or by using the Contact Us form.

    How do I wire funds from another financial institution to my MSUFCU account?
    To wire funds to MSUFCU from another financial institution, you will need to provide the other financial institution with the following information:
  • MSUFCU Address: Michigan State University Federal Credit Union, 3777 West Rd., East Lansing, MI 48823.
  • Routing Number: 272479663
  • SWIFT Code: MSUCUS44
  • Your base account number and your two-digit ID: For example, if your account number is 123456-03, 123456 is your base account number and 03 is your two-digit ID designating your savings or checking account. Your two-digit ID number can be found on your account statement, your white membership card, and on the main Account Summary screen in ComputerLine. There is a fee to receive a wire transfer to your MSUFCU account, see our Fee Schedule for additional information.

  • Apple Pay
    What is Apple Pay?
    Apple Pay allows you to pay for your purchases with your iPhone® 6 or iPhone 6 Plus by holding your phone near a contactless reader. You can also use your phone, iPad Air, and iPad Min 3 to pay within certain apps.

    What do I need to get started with Apple Pay?
    To get started with Apple Pay, you will need:
  • An MSUFCU Visa Debit or Credit Card
  • iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to pay in stores and within apps
  • iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3 to pay within apps
  • iOS 8.1 or later
  • Touch ID™ or passcode on your device
  • iCloud® account

  • Is Apple Pay Free?
    Yes, Apple Pay is free to use. Please be aware that message and data rates may apply based on your data plan.

    My device is having trouble capturing the card details off of my card through my camera, what do I do?
    In the event your card detail cannot be captured by your phone through your camera, you will need to enter your card information manually.

    How do I change my default card in Apple Pay?
    The first credit or debit card you add to Passbook automatically becomes your default card. This is the card that will appear when you use Apple Pay at a contactless payment reader when checking out.

    To change your default card:
  • Go to Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay.
  • Tap Default Card.
  • Choose a new card.

  • How do I replace my old OU Credit Union Visa Card with a new card on Apple Pay?
    To delete the old card on your Apple Device, go into Settings, open Passbook & Apple Pay, select the card you want to delete and tap Remove Card. To add your new card, simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions.

    Do I need to be connected to the internet to use Apple Pay?
    No, you do not need to be connected to the internet to use Apple Pay for in-store contactless payments.

    How are my privacy and personal information protected?
    Apple Pay does not store your credit or debit card number on the device. So your name, card number, or security code is not revealed to merchants.

    Am I able to opt out of Apple Pay at any time?
    Yes. Adding your credit or debit cards to Apple Pay is your choice; you can add and remove cards when needed.

    How do I use Apple Pay to make a purchase?
    When shopping in-store, simply activate the payment functionality on your Apple device and hold the device in front of a contactless reader. The digital account information stored on the device will be transmitted directly to that contactless reader.

    Are my credit and debit card numbers passed to the merchant?
    No, your credit and debit card numbers are NOT stored on your Apple device, nor on Apple servers. This helps to reduce the potential for fraud. Instead, a digital account number is used, and passed to the merchant.

    Can I remove my Digital Account Number stored on my Apple devices?
    Yes, you are able to easily delete the account from your device. If you delete your digital account you will still be able to continue to make purchases with your physical payment card.

    What should I do if my Apple device is lost or stolen?
    If your Apple device is lost or stolen, you can go to iCloud or use the Find My iPhone app to suspend or permanently remove the ability to pay with Apple Pay using that device. Your cards will be suspended or removed from Apple Pay even if your device is offline and not connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

    Can I continue to use my plastic card if I suspend or remove my card in Passbook?
    Yes. Only your device-specific Digital Account Number is affected when you suspend or remove your cards in Passbook.

    What if I need to return an item?
    The return process varies by merchant. You may need to present a receipt from the merchant to return the item. To complete the return, hold your Apple Pay enabled device over the contactless payment terminal and wait for the slight vibration of the device to confirm the refund has been processed.

    Bill Payment
    What do I need to access Bill Payment?
    You will need an MSUFCU checking account, a ComputerLine password, and internet access.

    How much does Bill Payment cost?
    Bill Payment is free for all non-business account holders (i.e., consumer accounts). For Business account holders: Electronic (ACH) bill payments are free for members with any MSUFCU Business Checking account with eStatements/eCorrespondence Notices and a Visa Debit Card. You may also send up to 20 bill payments by check for free per month. Additional bill payments sent by check will be $0.75 per check.

    How will I know if a payment is sent electronically or by check?
    When you are in the Payments tab, listed under the payee name, it will state whether the payment was sent electronically or by check.

    What happens if my electronic payment fails?
    If your electronic payment fails and is returned to our Bill Payment provider, you will receive a phone call to resolve the issue.

    Can I rush a payment?
    Yes, for an additional fee, you can send payments with expedited shipping during the setup process.

    Can I view Bill Payment Check images?
    Yes. View Bill Payment check images by selecting Manage from the top menu in ComputerLine, then choosing Bill Payment History or See All Check Clearings in the Account Information and Research section.

    Are the funds withdrawn from my account the day the bill is scheduled?
    If your Bill Payment is sent electronically, the funds are withdrawn the day the payment is sent.

    If your Bill Payment is sent as a check, you can elect to have funds held until the check clears your account, or wait until the check is reconciled. Whichever you select will be in effect from that date forward. You may change this preference at any time. Please note: check holds cannot be placed on Gift Checks or Rush Payment Fees.

    To update this preference on your account, select Manage from the top menu in ComputerLine, then choose Change Bill Payment Check Holds in the My Information and Preferences section.

    Can I stop a payment?
    Yes. If your Bill Payment was sent by check, we can stop payment on the check if it has not cleared your account. If an electronic payment is scheduled, you may stop the payment the day prior to its process date. Fees may apply for a stopped Bill Payment check.

    Can an IMMA be a checking option in Bill Payment?
    No. The IMMA is considered a savings account and can not be used for Bill Payment.

    Can I use Bill Payment for international payments or transfers?
    No. Bill Payment can only process domestic payments and transfers. Please contact the credit union for other international payment or transfer options.

    What is the minimum Bill Payment amount?
    Payments or transfers must be at least $1.00.

    What is the maximum Bill Payment amount?
    The maximum bill payment amount depends on the type of payment made. Electronic payments have a limit of $25,000.00 per day; account to account transfer limit is $25,000.00 per day; and electronic payments to individuals via email are limited to $10,000.00 per day.

    Can I setup a transfer to another financial institution within Bill Payment?
    Yes, you can set up transfers to and from another U.S. financial institution. You will need to know the account number and routing number, and be able to verify four trial transactions to the account.

    Can I setup a payment to another MSUFCU account within Bill Payment?
    Yes, however the payment may take a few days to process.

    If you want to make an immediate payment to another MSUFCU savings account or loan, please call 800-678-4968, or use the Transfer menu within ComputerLine to make a transfer to a loan or sub-savings account on your base account number.

    To send funds to another MSUFCU base account number within Bill Payment, select Add a Payee, then Pay an Individual. This will allow you to set up a payment to another MSUFCU base account number.

    Will the Bill Payment checks have my information on them?
    Yes, the Bill Payment checks will have your name and address in the upper left hand corner. It will be as if you wrote the check to the merchant.

    What is the cut off time for scheduling Bill Payments?
    The Bill Payment cut off time is 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    Are Bill Payments processed on the weekend or holidays?
    No. Bill Payments are not processed on the weekends or on the following Federal Reserve Holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

    What browsers are supported by Bill Payment?
    Internet Explorer 6.0 and up (PC only), Firefox 2.0 and up (PC and Mac), Safari 2.0 and up (Mac).

    Why can't I see my responses to my TrulyU security questions?
    Due to system limitations, TrulyU answers will be blocked out within the Bill Payment system.

    Can I access Bill Payment via the MSUFCU Mobile app?
    Yes, Bill Payment is available within the MSUFCU Mobile app. Once signed into the app, select MoveMoney to set up new payees and schedule payments.

    ComputerLine How-Tos
    How do I apply for a loan in ComputerLine?
    To apply for a loan, select Apply for a Loan from the top menu. Choose from auto loans, Visa Credit Cards, personals loans, home equity loans, and more!

    How do I check the status of a loan application?
    Sign into ComputerLine, select Manage from the top menu, and click Check the statos of my previous applications located just under the top menu of ComputerLine.

    How do I check my share balance?
    Your share balance(s) will be displayed on the Account Summary screen upon signing into your ComputerLine Account.

    How do I check my loan balance?
    Your loan balance(s) will be displayed on the Account Summary screen upon signing into your ComputerLine Account.

    How do I view my share history?
    Sign into ComputerLine and click the name of the share for which you wish to view the transaction history.

    How do I view my loan history?
    Sign into ComputerLine and click the name of the loan for which you wish to view the transaction history.

    How do I view my deposit history?
    Sign into ComputerLine and click the name of the share for which you wish to view the deposit history. Click the Advanced Options button. Enter the date range for which you wish to view the deposit history and be sure to only check the box for Deposits. Click the Search button. Your deposit history will be displayed.

    ComputerLine/Mobile App Usernames
    Why am I being asked to set up a username for ComputerLine and mobile app access?
    In 2015, MSUFCU has transitioned to a username based sign-in. This will make accessing your account more secure and even easier. After you create your username, you will use that to sign into your account instead of your base account number.

    I forgot my username. How can I reset it?
    You must contact the Credit Union to reset your username.

    Will each username need to have a unique password?
    It is not a requirement. However, we encourage you to change your password to be different from any joint member's password. By having unique passwords, each individual's sign in will be more secure. If there are multiple people on the account, all parties will be prompted to reset their password.

    What are the username requirements?
    Usernames must be between eight and 20 characters long and must begin with a letter. They may include numbers but not special characters.

    Can I set up my username via the mobile app?
    Yes, you now have the ability to set up your username via the MSUFCU Mobile app.

    Can I change my username?
    Yes, you are able to change your username by selecting Manage in the top menu in ComputerLine and then clicking Change My Username under My Information and Preferences.

    I have multiple accounts. Can I use the same username?
    No. Each member on an account will have a unique username. Usernames may not be repeated.

    Will enrollment alerts be sent to joint parties on the account?
    No, alerts can only be sent to the primary member's email address.

    I received my TrulyU questions when accessing my account on a mobile device, but I opted to only receive TrulyU questions on unknown devices. Why is this happening?
    The verification code feature is not yet available in the mobile app. If you opted to receive a verification code sent upon sign in during your username enrollment, you will receive TrulyU challenge questions at every sign in until the verification code is available.

    How can I change my security preferences from receiving a verification code at every sign in to receiving a TrulyU Security question, or vice versa?
    To update your security preferences, sign into ComputerLine, select the My Profile icon click Security Settings.

    You can then designate whether you would like a security question or verification code.

    How will usernames work with MoneyLine?
    You will continue to access MoneyLine using your base account number.

    Will ComputerLine appear different to me once I set up my username?
    No. Usernames do not change the appearance, functionality, or privileges within ComputerLine; it only changes the sign in process.

    If one username is locked out of ComputerLine/mobile banking, do joint parties get locked out as well?
    No. Only the username locked out of ComputerLine will be affected. However, if you get locked out of MoneyLine, all parties on the account will be locked out of ComputerLine/mobile banking.

    How do I know if I am set up to use ComputerLine and MoneyLine?
    Most members are automatically set up to use these services when they open their new account. You can check your status by calling us at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968 or by visiting any branch.

    What do I need to start using ComputerLine?
    You must be a member of MSUFCU and have a password setup for ComputerLine. If you have previously used the dial-up ComputerLine service, you already have authorization to use ComputerLine through the Internet just by using the same password. If you do not have or do not remember your password, please contact us at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968, or send us a secure email.

    I have a message from the Credit Union. How do I read it?
    Click Messages from the main ComputerLine menu.

    Why can't I see my cancelled checks in ComputerLine?
    Some retailers, merchants and billing companies are converting paper checks to electronic checks. If a check is returned to us electronically, we do not receive a copy of the actual check. You can often request a copy from the merchant that processed the check.Also, please note that only cancelled checks for the past six months are available in ComputerLine. To request a copy of a check that posted prior to six months ago, please contact MSUFCU.

    When on ComputerLine, why is the balance for my Visa account different on the front of the screen versus the balance in the history?
    The balance on the front of the screen is an up-to-date balance that includes any purchases made and interest or finance charges due. The balance on the history does not include any interest, only purchases made, payments and credit issued by a merchant.

    My account says it's frozen, what happened, and what do I do?
    Your account will be frozen after five attempts to sign into ComputerLine, the MSUFCU Mobile app, or MoneyLine with an incorrect password.

    If you receive this message, contact the credit union for assistance at 517-333-2424 or toll free at 800-678-4968, or send us a secure email.

    How can I change my ComputerLine password?
    Once signed into ComputerLine, select the My Profile icon and click Security Settings. Then, click the Passwords tab.

    Is ComputerLine secure?
    The credit union's ComputerLine software uses Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption so your account and transaction information is protected. This prevents computers along the route from eavesdropping on data between our site and you. Always verify that you are connected through the secured server by looking for the lock on Internet Explorer.

    I receive the error The Identity Certificate Uses an Unknown Signature Algorithm.
    Some Apple users may experience this problem if their browser is an older version. This can be corrected by upgrading browsers to a newer version.

    Why doesn't my IRA appear with my list of share accounts?
    Your IRA is given a separate account number. IRA statements are issued quarterly and can provide this information. If you are unable to locate this account number, visit a branch, call 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968, utilize our Live Chat, or send us a secure email.

    Can I make IRA contributions over ComputerLine?
    Yes, you can make contributions over ComputerLine for the current year to an existing IRA Insured Money Management Account (IMMA) or 1-Year Add-On IRA Certificate. To make a contribution, select the Transfers menu in ComputerLine.

    How do I transfer between two different MSUFCU accounts?
    If your account has been set up for this service, your other account will appear in the destination drop down menu. If you have more than one account at MSUFCU, transferring between two accounts can be accomplished using ComputerLine Transfers menu. Contact us to let us know which accounts you would like set up for this service.

    What are my loan payment options in ComputerLine?
    You may make a one-time or recurring loan payments from your MSUFCU account to your MSUFCU Loans. You may also schedule an ACH from another financial institution to your MSUFCU loans by selecting the Schedule a Transfer button within the Transfer menu.

    Why am I only allowed 6 transfers per month?
    Regulation D is a Federal Regulation which limits the number of automatic/electronic transfers per month (via ACH, MSUFCU Mobile app, ComputerLine, mobile banking, or MoneyLine) from any type of savings account. This does not include transfers performed at the teller window or ATM. Learn more about Reg D.

    How do I see the loan rate (APR) for the loans that I have at MSUFCU?
    When on the Account Summary screen in ComputerLine, click on the plus side to the left of your loan name. This information includes the year-to-date interest paid, your credit limit, the loan rate (APR), and payoff amount.

    Why is my Available Balance different than my Actual Balance?
    When you purchase an item with your Visa Debit Card, transactions may take a few days to clear your account.
    Your beginning balance is $400.00.

    You go to the store and make a $100 purchase. When you check your balance at the ATM or on ComputerLine you will see two balances:
    Available balance of $300.00. This is how much money that you can spend (not including any checks that have not yet cleared). Notice that when using the Visa Debit Card your available balance is changed immediately and the funds are placed on "hold." Balance of $400.00.

    This is the amount that is technically still in your account, because the Visa Debit Card transaction that you just made has not cleared your account.

    Is there a fee for eAlerts?
    There is no fee from MSUFCU for eAlerts. However, standard text messaging rates apply; please contact your cell phone provider for details.

    How do I opt-out of receiving eAlerts?
    There are multiple ways to opt out of receiving eAlerts. You can text the word STOP to (MSUFCU) 678328 to stop receiving all eAlerts. A message will return with the different categories you can opt-out of, reply STOP corresponding category number. You will receive a text message a few minutes later confirming you have opted out of receiving eAlerts.

    You may also opt-out in ComputerLine. Select the Manage option in the menu bar at the top of the page in ComputerLine. Locate the Statement, eAlert & Notification Settings under My Information & Preferences and select the Remove option next to your mobile number and/or email. A message will pop-up once you have successfully opted-out.

    Please call, message, or come into a branch if you have any problems opting-out and a staff member can manually opt you out of this service.

    What phone carriers support eAlerts?
    MSUFCU has partnered with most major cellular network carriers. The list includes: AT&T, Alltel, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, U.S. Cellular, Sprint, Nextel, MetroPCS, Boost, Cellcom, Cellular One, Cellular South, Cincinnati Bell, nTelos, Virgin Mobile, ACS Wireless, Bluegrass, Centennial, Cox Communications, ECIT - Cellular One of Central Illinois, EKN - Appalachian Wirelsss, GCI Communications, Immix - PC Management, Inland Cellular, IVC - Illinois Valley Cellular, Nex-Tech Wireless, RCC/Unicel, Revol, RINA/ALL West Wireless, RINA/CTC Telecom-Cambridge, RINA/FMTC-Farmers Mutual Telephone Co., RINA/Nucla-Naturita Telephone Co., RINA/Silverstar, RINA/Snake River PCS, RINA/South Central, RINA/Syringa Wireless, RINA/UBET, West Central Wireless.

    I have enrolled for eAlerts, and I am still not receiving them, what's going on?
    Verify that you have fully completed the enrollment process by logging into ComputerLine and selecting Manage from the top menu. Select the Statement, eAlert & Notification Settings under My Information & Preferences to verify that the word enrolled shows next to your mobile number and/or email.

    If it shows that you are not enrolled, select the enroll link and a new screen will appear asking you to agree to the terms and conditions. Once you have checked the appropriate boxes press the continue button and you will confirm on the next screen. This will complete the enrollment process for eAlerts.

    If you have successfully enrolled and are still not receiving alerts, please scroll down to your eAlerts Preferences. Make sure that you have the eAlerts you wish to receive by text and/or email checked and the appropriate limits entered in the fields that request them. You will not receive an eAlert until the action has happened on your account. It can take up to 24 hours to process your enrollment for eAlerts.

    Can I set up multiple phone numbers to receive eAlerts for the same account?
    At this time you can enroll one phone number and one email address per account to receive eAlerts. We understand that multiple parties on an account may want to receive the same eAlerts, you may consider signing up one parties contact information for the text alerts, and signing up the other parties information for the email alerts.

    What does it mean when it says 22 messages per month in the fine print? Am I limited on how many messages I can receive each month?
    This number is provided to give you an estimate on how many messages you may receive in a month. This number is an average number; your message volume will vary depending on the selections you have made in your eAlerts Preferences.

    There is no limit on the amount of messages you will/can receive each month. MSUFCU will not send you messages you have not enrolled for.

    Can I manage my eAlert settings in the MSUFCU Mobile App?
    Yes, once you are logged into the MSUFCU Mobile app find the More option on the home screen. Select the option that states Edit Notification Settings. In this option you are able to edit your eAlerts Enrollment, eAlerts Preferences, and your Statement Options.

    Will the funds from checks deposited via eDeposit be immediately available?
    Although checks will automatically be deposited to your account when eDeposit is used, a hold may be placed on these funds. The first $1,500 of your deposits will be available immediately, and the remaining funds will be available on the second business day after the day of deposit. In some cases, we may need to extend the hold on a deposited item. If we decide to extend the hold on a deposited item, we will provide you with a notice and tell you when the funds will be available.

    When I try to access eDeposit, I get a message that I'm logged out.
    Some members may encounter this issue if they do not have their browsers set up to allow third party cookies. Cookies are small files that websites put on your computer hard disk drive when you first visit to store preferences and usernames for that specific site. To access eDeposit, you will need to adjust your browser’s settings to enable third party cookies. If you continue to encounter this problem, contact MSUFCU online or by calling 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968 for further assistance.

    What is Java? How do I install it?
    When using eDeposit, you may choose to scan your check(s) in using the system's built-in scanning wizard. To use this, you will need to have the plug-in, Java (version 6.24 or later) installed on your computer. Java allows you to scan your checks using your installed scanner, rather than using separate scanning software. If you do not have Java on your computer, or if you have a version older than 6.24, you can visit to download this program for free.

    What do I need to access eDeposit?
    To access eDeposit, you will need: a computer with internet access, a TWAIN-compatible scanner, and a ComputerLine password. Don't have a ComputerLine password? Request your password online or by calling 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968.

    What type of scanner do I need to use eDeposit?
    Any TWAIN-compatible scanner will work with eDeposit. Almost all newer scanners are TWAIN-compatible. If you are manually uploading your image, your scanner will need to be set to scan your check image in Grayscale, 200-300 DPI, as a JPEG file, and a file size of less than 1 MB. These settings can be updated within your scanner software. You may also use the scanning wizard within eDeposit instead.

    What is eDeposit?
    eDeposit is a ComputerLine feature that allows you to electronically deposit checks or apply them to your credit union account using any compatible scanner.

    What internet browsers may I use with eDeposit?
    The following browsers are supported by eDeposit: Internet Explorer 7 or later, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

    What operating systems work with eDeposit?
    eDeposit will work on the following computer operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Windows 2000, MAC OS 10.4 or later

    What software do I need to use eDeposit?
    If you're using a PC with a browser of Internet Explorer 8 or later, you may use the built-in software. This may require a download of a Java 6.24 add-on, plug-in and script or higher. This is already installed on most computers, and allows you to scan your checks in using eDeposit's built-in scanning wizard. If you're using any other system, you may use your own scanner software to import the images of your check. Keep in mind that you will need to scan in the front and back of your check.

    When using eDeposit, why doesn't my scanner appear in the dropdown menu?
    In order for a scanner to be displayed in the dropdown menu, you will have to install the Java plug-in. Please note that only Internet Explorer version 8 or later uses Java; therefore, you will need to choose the “Use Your Own Software” option for other web browsers. Make sure your scanner is plugged in and turned on. If you still cannot get your scanner to appear in the dropdown menu, reinstall the driver software that came with the scanner, or download the driver software online. The driver software is typically available for download on the website of the company that made your scanner.

    How do I use the "Use Your Own Scanner Software" option in eDeposit?
    You have the option of using scanner software already installed on your computer to access eDeposit. When asked to select your scanning method, select “Use Your Own Scanner Software” from the dropdown menu. This will require you to first save images of the front and back of your check on your computer. Then, use the “Browse” button to find the images you saved. Once you select the image you scanned, the image will appear within the eDeposit system. You can then crop the check image as necessary. You will have to repeat this step for the back image of the check.

    I've selected the Use Your Own Scanner Software option in eDeposit, but I can't get my check image to load correctly. What should I do?
    When using your own equipment and software to deposit a check, you will need to use these scanner settings: 200 or 300 DPI, grayscale, image file size less than 1 MB, check image must be saved as a JPEG, the front and back of the check must be cropped to the same pixel size. If you have made these changes, and your check image still will not load correctly, please contact us online or by calling 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968.

    I'm using eDeposit and am receiving an error message that my check is too narrow or short.
    The check image size needs to be the same for both the front and the back of the check. Be sure to crop both the front and back images of your check so they're the same size, and try the process again. If you continue to receive an error message, contact us online or by calling 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968.

    I scanned my check to eDeposit, but I received an error message that my account number cannot be found.
    Be sure your scanned check image displays your full account number and that the check's MICR line is fully readable. You may need to scan the check again to make the image clearer. If you continue to run into difficulties scanning your check, please contact us online or at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968.

    The check I scanned to eDeposit was automatically cropped, and my account number was cut off.
    When the check is first displayed as an image, the eDeposit software may automatically crop the image. You will need to click the "Undo" button for this automatic crop to go away. Please note that you may need to click “Undo” several times to return the image to its original state. You might also try adding a black dot to each of the four corners of your check. This can help the system to recognize the actual edges of your check when cropping.

    How do I crop my check image using eDeposit?
    1. Click on the "Crop" button.
    2. Click on the upper left hand corner of your check image.
    3. Then, click on the bottom right hand corner of the check. The image will then crop using those corners as a guide.

    (Helpful tip: Try adding a black dot to each of the four corners of your check as this can help the system to recognize the actual edges of your check when cropping)

    How do I flip the check image in eDeposit?
    Click on the “Flip” button to flip the check image 180.°

    My check image in eDeposit is over-cropped. What can I do?
    Repeatedly click on the “Undo” button to see more of the check image. You may need to click “Undo” several times to return the image to its original state.

    My scanned check image in eDeposit is very small. What can I do?
    1. Perform a "rough crop" of the image to zoom in more on the image of your actual check.
    2. You may then do a more precise crop to make your check image fit in the window.

    Why did my scanned check get rejected by eDeposit?
    There are a number of factors that may cause your check to be rejected during the eDeposit process. The most common reasons for check rejection are: Check number could not be read; Check amount could not be read; Check date could not be read; Blank or suspect check; Front signature was not detected or is missing; Account number, routing number, or other check data could not be read; Invalid routing number information. If you are uncertain as to why your check has been rejected,please contact us online or by calling 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968.

    eDeposit for Business
    I have my flatbed scanner-printer hybrid as well as the high-speed scanner connected to my computer but when I reach the page 'select scanner option,' the only image that appears is the flatbed scanner.
    In order to use the high-speed scanner, you must first agree to the terms and conditions of the High-Speed Scanning Agreement. After a signed agreement is received, a Business Service Specialist will adjust your account and the high-speed scanner will be available in ComputerLine.

    What software do I need to use the High-Speed Scanning Option for Business eDeposit?
    If you're using a PC and have a browser with Internet Explorer 7 or later, you may use the built-in software. This may require a download of an ActiveX Control program which you will be prompted to install within eDeposit.When purchased from MSUFCU, each of the certified scanners comes with the Silver Bullet Ranger software. This software must be downloaded/installed on your PC.

    What do I need to access the High-Speed Scanning Option for Business eDeposit?
    To access the High-Speed Scanning Option for Business eDeposit, you will need:-a computer with internet access-a high-speed scanner (preferably one from our certified list)-a ComputerLine password-a signed and completed eDeposit High-Speed Scanning Agreement

    How many checks can my business deposit a day?
    There isn't a limit on the number of checks that can be deposited through Business eDeposit a day. However, keep in mind that each check deposited counts toward your total of complimentary monthly transactions.

    What is the cost of using the High-Speed Scanning Option for Business eDeposit?
    The cost of using the High-Speed Scanning Option for Business eDeposit is a monthly fee of $35. This fee will be debited from your account at the end of each month.

    Do Business eDeposits count toward my number of complimentary monthly transactions? (For Business Accounts)
    Yes, each check deposited through Business eDeposit counts toward your number of complimentary monthly transactions. After exceeding the allotment of complimentary monthly transactions, each item thereafter will be charged the excess transaction fee associated with that specific account.

    What types of checks can be deposited with Business eDeposit?
    Most US checks Business eDeposit cannot be used to deposit:-International checks-Altered checks-Non-Negotiable items-Savings Bonds-Checks not made payable to the account holder (i.e., third party checks)

    When are the funds made available after I deposit a check via Business eDeposit?
    Although checks will automatically be deposited to your business account when Business eDeposit is used, a hold may be placed on these funds. The first $1,500 of your deposit will be immediately available, and the remaining funds will be available on the second business day after the day of deposit. In some cases, we may need to extend the hold on a deposited item. If we decide to extend the hold on a deposited item, we will provide you with a notice and tell you when the funds will be available.

    Is any high-speed scanner compatible with MSUFCU's Business eDeposit?
    Currently there are four scanners certified to work with MSUFCU's Business eDeposit program. These scanners are:
    Canon CR-50 CF -- Recommended for processing up to 250 checks per day
    Canon CR-80 CF -- Recommended for processing up to 2,500 checks per day
    Canon Cr-135i CF -- Recommended for processing up to 10,000 checks per day
    Canon Cr-190i CF -- Recommended for processing up to 20,000 checks per day

    Please contact a Business Services Specialist at 517-333-2365 if you need to order a scanner.

    Can I view copies/images of my Business eDeposited checks that have cleared in ComputerLine?
    Yes, under the 'History' tab within eDeposit

    Why was my check rejected by Business eDeposit?
    There are a number of factors that cause a check to be rejected during the Business eDeposit process. They include:
    • Check number could not be read
    • Check amount could not be read
    • Check date could not be read
    • Blank or suspect check
    • Front signature was not detected or is missing
    • Account number, routing number, or other check data could not be read
    • Invalid routing number information

    If an error message continues after validating that everything listed above is correct, please contact the Business Services Department at 517-333-2365.

    I am getting blocked by a daily Business eDeposit limit. What do I do?
    Please contact the Business Services Department at 517-333-2365.

    What is the High-Speed Scanning Option for Business eDeposit?
    The High-Speed Scanning Option for Business eDeposit is a check-scanning feature in ComputerLine. It allows you to use a compatible high-speed scanner to quickly deposit multiple checks electronically or apply them to your MSUFCU loans.

    What operating systems work with the High-Speed Scanning Option for Business eDeposit?
    The High-Speed Scanning Option for Business eDeposit will work on the following operating systems:
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows XP with Service Pack 2
    • Windows 2000
    • MAC OS 10.4 or later

    What do I do with the physical check after it has been scanned and deposited into my business account?
    After you have deposited the check electronically, we recommend you hold onto/place the actual check into your business' record keeping for 90 days.

    My business already has a scanner that is not one of MSUFCU's certified scanners. Do I have to purchase a new scanner or can I try the one I already own?
    You may try using your current high-speed scanner after the eDeposit High-Speed Scanning Agreement has been signed. We cannot guarantee your scanner will work with the system. Only the certified scanners are known to work with our Business eDeposit system.

    What are eStatements?
    eStatements are an electronic notice of your monthly or quarterly statements which will take the place of your mailed paper statements. An archive of eStatements is accessible in ComputerLine by selecting the Tax Information & eStatements button on the Account Summary Screen.

    What is the fee to receive eStatements?
    There is no fee to receive eStatements.

    How do I sign up for eStatement?
    Login to ComputerLine and select Manage from the main menu, then select Statement, eAlert & Notification Settings from the My Information & Preferences. Under Statement & Notification Settings, select Electronic as your delivery method for the appropriate statements and/or notices (If you have a Totally Green Checking account, you will be unable to change your statement preferences, as electronic Account Statements & Transaction Notices are required). Enter and confirm your current email address and agree to the online disclosure.

    How will I receive my eStatements?
    You will receive an email from MSUFCU, stating that your eStatement is available in ComputerLine. View your eStatements by selecting the Tax Information & eStatements button on the Account Summary Screen within your ComputerLine.

    Why did I have to give my email address to sign up?
    A valid email address is needed to send an email notification that your statement is available in ComputerLine.

    Will my eStatement be available in ComputerLine if for some reason I don't receive my email notification?
    Your eStatement and email notification is independent of one another. If you do not receive your email notification, your eStatement will still be available in ComputerLine.

    What do I need to view my eStatement online?
    You will need ComputerLine access and and a PDF reader to view your statement.

    What if I don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader?
    This free software program is available for download at: Click on the download button. Select Save from the pop up menu (we recommend that you save to your hard drive). Double click on the file and select Next in the series of pop-up boxes. Then select Refresh/Reload on your browser.

    How do I print my eStatement?
    Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, press the printer icon on the toolbar. You can either print the entire statement or just a particular page.

    How do I save my eStatement?
    Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, press the disk icon on the toolbar. You will then be asked where on your computer you would like to save it.

    On my eStatement, there is a Tracer number that follows the draft number - what is this?
    The tracer number corresponds to the number printed on the back of each check by the credit union's check-clearing machine. It is used to identify the drafts for the purpose of retrieving the check's image.

    Why can't the joint account holder receive an eStatement notification?
    According to the law, we must deliver the statement to the primary account holder.

    Is my eStatement secure and safe?
    Yes, your statement is stored behind firewalls and is transmitted to your Internet Browser using 128-bit encryption.

    When will my eStatement be available?
    Your eStatement will be available during the first week of the statement cycle.

    How long will my eStatement be available?
    A 3-year archive of eStatements is available within ComputerLine. View your eStatements by selecting the Tax Information & eStatements button on the Account Summary Screen.

    Can I have my eStatement email notification sent to more than one email address?
    No, we can only send your eStatement notification to one email address.

    How do I notify the credit union of my new email address?
    You can edit your email address in ComputerLine on the Account Summary page. Click your name in the "Member Details" tab to update your email address and other contact information.

    Can my eStatement information be exported to other programs?
    You may view your eStatement as a webpage or PDF.

    Can I receive my Visa Credit Card statements electronically?
    Yes. Login to ComputerLine, choose the "Manage" menu. Select "Statement, eAlert, and Notification Settings." Select Electronic as your delivery method for the appropriate statements and/or notices. Enter and confirm your current email address and agree to the online disclosure.

    My computer does not recognize the eStatement file type, why?
    You may need to update your PDF reader. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader by visiting

    My computer says that there is no viewer available for the type of object that I am opening.
    You may need to update your PDF reader. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader by visiting

    When I click the Statement Link or try logging into ComputerLine I get a "Page cannot be displayed" error, why?
    Your web browser settings need to allow the use of Secured Socket Layer (SSL). Be sure that the checkbox for SSL's are checked in your security settings, and uncheck the TLS 1.0 setting. Your browser's SSL must support 128-bit encryption. Click the Help menu and then click About Internet Explorer to determine what strength encryption (Cipher Strength) you have installed. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to this site to update:

    FICO® Scores
    What is a FICO® Score?
    A FICO® Score is a three-digit number calculated from the information on your credit report. Lenders typically use your credit score to determine the likelihood you'll be able to pay them back.

    What makes up a FICO® Score?
    FICO® Scores are calculated using information in five categories from your credit report. The categories and their corresponding percentages make up your FICO® Score: 35% - Past History
    30% - Amount Owed
    15% - Length of Credit History
    10% - Types of Credit in Use
    10% - New Credit

    Why is MSUFCU providing FICO® Scores?
    MSUFCU offers members with an active lending relationship or checking account the ability to view their FICO® Score, updated quarterly, as a way to better understand their financial health.

    Will receiving my FICO® Score from the Credit Union affect my score?
    No. Your FICO® Score will not be affected.

    How do I opt out of having my FICO® Score displayed?
    You may opt-out of the ability to view your FICO® Score within the FICO® Score screen.

    Why don't I have a FICO® Score?
    You may not have a FICO® Score if you do not have any credit history, or if you do not have a lending relationship with MSUFCU.

    How long will negative information remain on my credit files?
    It depends on the type of negative information. Here’s the basic breakdown of how long different types of negative information will remain on your credit files:
    • Late payments: 7 years
    • Bankruptcies: 7 years for a completed Chapter 13, and 10 years for Chapters 7 and 11
    • Foreclosures: 7 years
    • Collections: Generally, about 7 years, depending on the age of the debt being collected
    • Public Record: Generally 7 years, although unpaid tax liens can remain indefinitely
    Keep in Mind: For all of these negative items, the older they are the less impact they will have on your FICO® Scores. For example, a collection that is 5 years old will hurt much less than a collection that is 5 months old.

    What actions can help my score?
    Generally, lenders see less risky borrowers as those who have:
    • Timely bill payments
    • Low balances
    • Open relatively few new credit accounts
    • Rate shop within a short period of time

    Where can I go to find out more about FICO® Scores?
    To find out more about FICO® Scores, visit or check out the FAQs about FICO® Scores and Understanding FICO® Scores educational information posted on our website.

    Can I refinance my MSUFCU auto loan?
    Yes, you may refinance your MSUFCU auto loan; however, the balance of the loan will be increased by $2,500. The vehicle must have at least $2,500 in equity for the loan to be refinanced.

    If I am approved for the loan, am I obligated to take the loan?
    No, you are not obligated to accept the loan. You will have 60 days to accept the loan. If you do not accept within 60 days, a new application must be submitted to reapply.

    How long is my loan approval valid?
    Approvals are valid for 60 days.

    Can I have a loan with MSUFCU even though I live out-of-state?
    Yes, all consumer loans are available to our members who live and work in the U.S. However, mortgages are limited to property located in Michigan. Prime Advantage Home Equity Loans are available to our out-of-state members (except those in Florida and Texas).

    What happens if loan rates go up or down during my approval period?
    Your rate may go up or down during the approval period. You will get the rate that is in effect the day you take the loan.

    When will I know if my loan has been approved?
    Loans can be approved in 5 minutes or less if processed over the phone or in person. ComputerLine applications are generally processed within 1 business day.

    To what address should I mail my loan payments?
    Loan payments should be mailed to:
    MSU Federal Credit Union
    PO Box 4097
    East Lansing, MI 48826-4097

    For express mail, please send your payment to:
    MSU Federal Credit Union
    3777 West Rd.
    East Lansing, MI 48823

    What is a "ReadyLoan check?"
    A ReadyLoan check is a blank check that is good for up to the amount you were approved for.

    How does MSUFCU determine what interest rate I qualify for when I finance a new or used vehicle?
    Your interest rate will be determined by the term length of your vehicle loan and your credit score. Primary and joint applicants have to give authorization for MSUFCU to pull their credit report. The highest score on the application will be used to determine your rate.

    How long is a credit report good for on an application before another credit report has to be pulled?
    Credit reports are good for 30 days. If you have not disbursed on your loan within 30 days of the last credit report, then a current report will have to be pulled.

    What credit bureau does MSUFCU use to determine loan approvals?

    For what loans can I use Skip-A-Pay?
    Skip-A-Pay can be used for auto loans, RV loans, boat loans, motorsport vehicle loans, Home Improvement loans, Computer loans, personal loans, Instant Cash, and Visa Credit Cards.Skip-A-Pay cannot be used for first mortgages, Prime Advantage Home Equity loans, or business loans.

    What is the fee for Skip-A-Pay?
    A $25 fee will be assessed for each Skip-A-Pay requested.

    How often can I use Skip-A-Pay?
    You may skip up to two (2) non-consecutive monthly payments on each loan per calendar year.

    Mobile Apps
    How do I login to MSUFCU Mobile?
    You will need your MSUFCU username (or account number if you have not yet set up a username) and ComputerLine password. If you do not remember your login credentials, please contact us by calling 800-678-4968 or using the Online Chat function on our website.

    What can I do with MSUFCU Mobile?
    MSUFCU members can perform a number of transactions with MSUFCU Mobile, including:
    • View transaction history
    • Deposit checks
    • Transfer funds, make loan payments, and pay bills
    • Search for MSUFCU branches and ATMs
    • View Loan and Dividend Rates
    • Use financial calculators
    • Contact MSUFCU

    Can I use Bill Payment via MSUFCU Mobile?
    Yes, you may schedule bill payments via the MSUFCU Mobile app. Once you've logged into your account via the app, select MoveMoney via the left menu. MoveMoney combines the functionality and convenience of the Transfers menu and Bill Payment service.

    MSUFCU Mobile is available for which mobile devices?
    MSUFCU Mobile is currently available for iPhone/iPad /iPod Touch and Android phones.

    Is MSUFCU Mobile app as secure as ComputerLine and Green on the Go mobile banking?
    Yes. Security is a top priority at MSU Federal Credit Union. All transactions conducted via MSUFCU Mobile are secure. We recommend that members take the necessary precautions to add a security code for your phone and turn off auto-complete features.

    What is the MSUFCU Mobile App?
    MSUFCU Mobile is a free downloadable application to securely access and perform transactions on your MSU Federal Credit Union account.

    How do I transfer funds or pay a bill via MSUFCU Mobile?
    Select MoveMoney from the left menu, select where you would like to move money TO, then select where you would like the funds to be deducted FROM. You'll be able to select the amount and frequency of the transfer. After confirming your transfer details, slide the "airplane" from left to write to complete your transfer.

    Mobile eDeposit
    Do I need to have the MSUFCU mobile application for my smartphone to use Mobile eDeposit?
    Yes. The mobile application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android users. Once installed, you can find eDeposit by selecting the eDeposit tab in iOS app or selecting the More tab in Android app.

    What happens if I enter the wrong check amount, and my Mobile eDeposit is accepted?
    A correction will be applied to your account within 1-2 business days. You may also contact us to have this corrected immediately.

    What should I do with the check once my Mobile eDeposit has been processed?
    We recommend keeping the check for 90 days in the event that we need to refer to the actual check for further processing.

    Are there deposit limits for Mobile eDeposit?
    There is a daily Mobile eDeposit limit of $25,000. Please note that only $1,500.00 will be immediately available to you, and any amount greater than $1,500.00 will be available on the second business day after the day of deposit. In some cases, we may need to extend the hold on a deposited item. If we decide to extend the hold on a deposited item, we will provide you with a notice and tell you when the funds will be available.

    How can I confirm that my check was processed?
    You will receive a confirmation number once your deposit has been processed. You will also be able to immediately view the transaction in your account history.

    Can I use a previously saved check image from my phone's photo gallery?
    No, you will need to capture a new image for each Mobile eDeposit attempt.

    I received an error stating that the check image cannot be processed as submitted. How do I fix this?
    Make sure all check borders are visible, the check is placed on a flat, dark surface and retry. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact MSUFCU online or call 800-678-4968.

    What types of checks can be deposited?
    You can deposit personal checks, cashier's checks, and money orders. Checks that are unable to be deposited are International checks, altered checks, and non-negotiable items such as savings bonds. Please also note that money orders may not always be able to be successfully deposited.

    Are my funds immediately available?
    The first $1,500 of your deposits will be available immediately. The remaining funds will be available on the second business day, after the day of the deposit. In some cases, we may need to extend the hold on a deposited item. If we decide to extend the hold on a deposited item, we will provide you with a notice and tell you when the funds will be available.

    Should I have my phone in portrait or landscape mode when taking the photo of my check image?
    If you are using the iOS app, you can process your deposit using either orientation. We recommend using the landscape to take your photo as this is typically more accurate and displays more check details. If you are using the Android app, you will only be able to use the landscape mode when capturing images of the check.

    How do I utilize my mobile device to deposit checks?
    Once you select eDeposit, you will be prompted to enter the amount of your check, verify that the back of the check has been endorsed, and select the account accepting the deposit. You will then be able to capture an image of your check by selecting the camera icon on your screen. If the image is OK, select the Check icon. Otherwise, select the Retake icon and capture another image of the check. Once you have successfully taken a photo of the front and back images of your check, you will be able to confirm your deposit.

    How do I know if my smartphone can be used to deposit checks?
    Mobile eDeposit is available for Apple devices running iOS 5.0 or newer and Android devices with OS 1.6 or newer.

    Can eDeposit be used on an iPad or other tablet?
    Yes, you can use an iPad or tablet to eDeposit checks.

    Can eDeposit be used on an iPod Touch?
    Yes. The mobile application can be downloaded onto an iPod Touch, and eDeposit does work on these devices.

    My application keeps crashing. How can I fix this?
    There are a few things that could cause this. If you are using an iPhone 4 or 4S with iOS7 or iOS8, your application may be crashing because there are too many other applications running in the background. Force close these apps and try again. You may also be using a slow Wi-Fi connection or slow 4G connection. Try switching to Wi-Fi if on 4G, and to 4G if on Wi-Fi.

    What are your current Mortgage Rates?
    We have a rate hotline that is updated as rates change. To listen to our current rates, please call 800-678-4968 ext. 2240. You may also click here to check our current mortgage rates.

    What are points?
    Points are the option to reduce your interest rate for your loan by paying a fee. This pre-pays part of your interest, so that interest payments are reduced over the term of the loan. Each point is equal to 1.0% of the loan balance. For example, if you pay 1 point on a $100,000 loan, the cost of the point is $1,000, 2 points cost $2,000, and so on. Each point you pay will lower your interest rate by approximately 0.25%. On a $100,000 loan, each point will lower your payment about $17 a month.

    Why do I need PMI (private mortgage insurance)?
    PMI is required by those members whose down payment is less than 20% of the loan. Mortgage insurance was created to allow consumers to purchase a home without a large down payment. Many home buyers do not have savings that are equal to 20% of the value of the home they wish to purchase. Lenders typically do not lend money at low interest rates for more than 80% of the home value. This is because lenders need to be protected in the event of default or foreclosure. Borrowers who have at least 20% equity in their homes tend to default less often. Mortgage insurance assumes the risk on the loan amount above 80% of the home value. The insurance cost is included in your monthly mortgage payment if you need PMI.

    How do I remove PMI (private mortgage insurance) from my mortgage loan?
    You can remove/cancel PMI (private mortgage insurance) from your monthly payment without refinancing. Once you have paid down your mortgage or your property has appreciated to the point that you have 20% equity in your home and you haven't missed a mortgage payment in the past twelve months, you can send a formal request to the MSUFCU mortgage department. Your request will be reviewed and if you qualify, the PMI will be removed from your loan.

    What is the difference between fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages?
    A fixed-rate mortgage is a loan that the principal and interest payment never change during the life of the loan. An adjustable-rate mortgage is a loan that the interest rate can change periodically based on the market rates that exist at the time the rate is subject to change. Initially, adjustable rates are generally lower than fixed rates, but can adjust upward if interest rates rise. There is a predefined cap which limits how high the interest rate can adjust.

    How do adjustable-rate mortgages work?
    There are many types of adjustable-rate mortgages, but there are common features among them. One common feature of adjustable-rate mortgages is an interest rate change that occurs after a stipulated number of payments have been made. The interest rate can increase or decrease depending on how the new interest rate is calculated. Typically, the interest rate change is based on a predetermined index value such as the treasury bill rate, prime, the cost of funds from the Federal Home Loan Bank or the lender's internal cost of funds plus a margin. If a mortgagor currently has an interest rate that is pending adjustment, the new rate would be calculated by adding the current index rate and a margin. For example, if the mortgagor's current rate is 6.00% plus a 2.00% margin, the new rate would be 8.00%. The maximum amount the interest rate can change during any adjustment period is usually fixed. This maximum adjustment is called the cap. Adjustable rate mortgages also have a lifetime cap, preventing the interest rate from exceeding a predetermined rate.

    What are escrow accounts and how much do I need in my escrow account?
    Escrow are payments made by a mortgager to a mortgagee (MSUFCU) for the purpose of paying your taxes, insurance and other payments associated with home ownership. The mortgagee (MSUFCU) is responsible for the timely disbursement of escrow funds to pay your bills as they come due. Usually, MSUFCU will collect the funds for placement into your escrow account with your periodic payment for your mortgage's principal and interest. This ensures that the escrow account has sufficient funds in the account to pay your bills when they come due. It is common practice for mortgage companies to hold an escrow cushion for a mortgagor. The cushion is kept by the mortgage company to assure that the cost of any escrowed item were to increase in the future, there would be sufficient funds to pay all bills as they come due.

    What type of property will MSUFCU originate mortgage loans for?
    MSUFCU will originate a mortgage loan for single-family, owner-occupied, Michigan property. The property can be a condominium, second home or vacation home.

    What is a good faith estimate?
    This is a disclosure, required by law, that every lender must provide to the borrower within 3 days of application. This is a "best" estimate of all the figures associated with acquiring your property loan.

    Can I make my mortgage payment on ComputerLine?
    Yes. To make a mortgage payment on ComputerLine, under the "Transfers" menu, select "Share To Mortgage Transfers." Select the mortgage loan number, and click the "make a payment" button. Enter your payment amount and confirm. Once you have clicked confirm, it does not need to be clicked again. Doing so may submit more than one mortgage payment.

    I just made my mortgage payment on ComputerLine. Why can't I see it?
    When a payment is made by ComputerLine, the withdrawal will be made from your account immediately, and the payment will be reflected on your mortgage after 5 p.m. the following business day.

    Can I see my mortgage history on ComputerLine?
    Yes. Mortgage history can be viewed by clicking on the "Mortgage Loan History" option under the "History" menu on the toolbar. If you have more than one mortgage, or have refinanced your loan with us several times, there may be more than one loan option. Simply select the loan you wish to view and click "Submit."

    Can I make a principal-only payment to my mortgage on ComputerLine?
    As long as you are current on your mortgage payments for the month due, you have the option to make a principal-only payment. Proceed through the same steps as if you were making a regular mortgage payment and select "principal only" from the drop down box when asked what type of mortgage payment you are making.

    How are rates determined?
    MSUFCU surveys competitor rates on a daily basis. We base our interest rates on competitor’s rates to provide the best value for service and price for our members.

    How does credit affect my rate?
    The rate you qualify for is based upon your credit score and the terms of your mortgage. The higher your credit score, the better rate you will be qualified for. Lenders, insurance companies, employers, landlords, and many others use your credit score to determine what services they offer you and how much you will pay for them. MSUFCU will pull a tri-merge credit report, which is a report from the 3 main credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Your middle score is used to determine the interest rate. Equifax scores range from a low of 300 to a high of 850, TransUnion scores range from a low of 309 to a high of 839 and Experian scores range from a low of 320 to a high of 844.

    What is a rate lock?
    A mortgage rate lock is simply MSUFCU’s promise to hold a certain interest rate for you for a specified period of time before you close on a loan. Because interest rates have the capability of fluctuating on a daily basis, you will need to consider the costs you may pay if a rate increases or the expense of paying to lock in a lower rate. Once you close on your mortgage, your rate stays the same, unless you have a variable rate loan, in which your rate adjustments would be specified. New home purchase: The interest rate for a purchase is locked in once we receive an accepted offer to purchase a home. Refinance: Your rate is locked from when you apply when refinancing your home.

    How much does a rate lock cost?
    There is no fee to lock your rate unless the interest rate goes down during your mortgage approval process and you want to take advantage of the lower rate. If the interest rate goes down, there is a $100.00 fee to re-lock at the lower interest rate. This option is available during the entire mortgage process and up until closing.

    How long does it take to close on a mortgage?
    The turnaround time we strive to achieve is 4-6 weeks. Here is what you can expect during that time: Your mortgage application takes about one week to process. After your mortgage processing begins, MSUFCU will order appraisal and title work on your new home, and we will notify you if any additional information is required. This step will take between 2 to 4 weeks. As soon as your mortgage is processed, MSUFCU will call you to schedule a time to close on your mortgage.

    What fees will I have to pay?
    The average closing costs for an MSUFCU mortgage are around $1400 plus the cost of title insurance. This does not include prepaid interest (interest paid in advance on the loan) or escrow reserves (a fund to ensure the escrow account has sufficient funds to pay expenses). The closing costs will vary based upon your mortgage type and the amount financed.

    What are the down payment options?
    MSUFCU does offer Rural Development loans. This loan eligibility is determined by property address and income. There is no down payment required; or 100% financed. For a conventional mortgage, you have several down payment options starting as low as 5% of the sales price. If your down payment is less than 20% of your home’s value, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is required. Examples of Down Payment Options 95/5 Financing 95% of your loan is financed with MSUFCU 5% down payment paid by applicant Private Mortgage Insurance Required 20% Down 80% financed with MSUFCU 20% down payment paid by applicant No Private Mortgage Insurance

    Do I need a home/property inspection?
    If you are a purchasing a home that is a foreclosure, a written property inspection is required. A property inspection is not required for a non-foreclosure purchase. Property inspections will be paid by the applicant and vary in cost depending on your home inspector and the size of the home being inspected.

    Where can I close on my mortgage?
    Closings generally take place at a title insurance company in your area.

    When is an escrow account required?
    Anytime you have less than 20% down or 20% equity, an escrow account must be established.

    When can I drop my PMI?
    As soon as the loan is paid down to 80% Loan-to-value, or, if after 12 months you believe you have 20% equity, you can ask MSUFCU to order an appraisal. (If Rural Development, PMI doesn’t drop off, but does re-calculate each year based on your principal balance)

    What states does MSUFCU do mortgage loans in?
    Michigan is the only state in which we can offer mortgages or home equity lines/loans.

    Why doesn't MSUFCU offer FHA loans?
    FHA loans are designed to help low- and moderate-income homebuyers finance more easily by requiring only a 3.5% down payment. Unfortunately, this financing can become more expensive for the homebuyer. FHA loans have a funding fee of 1.75% of the loan amount, which increases the principal of the loan. In addition, the required mortgage insurance rates are higher for FHA loans than for conventional loans. In many instances, if members can put 5% down instead of the 3.5% required by an FHA mortgage, a conventional mortgage will save members’ money in the long run.

    What is MSUFCU's MyDesignâ„  Visa Card?
    It is a card style available for select MSUFCU Visa Debit and Credit Cards. With the MyDesignâ„  Card, a member can customize his/her card with personal pictures, or choose from MSUFCU's MyDesignâ„  Image Gallery. The card number and cardholder name are printed on the card and may not be able to be used at manual card machines.

    Which MSUFCU Debit and Credit Cards can be customized as a MyDesignâ„  Card?
    • MSUFCU Debit Cards
    • MSUFCU Credit Cards
      • MSUFCU's Platinum Visa Credit Card and Platinum Plus Visa Credit Cards can be personalized as a MyDesignâ„  Card.
    • The MSUFCU MyDesignâ„  Card is NOT available for MSUFCU's Business Debit or Credit Cards, Prime Advantage Visa Credit Cards, or ATM cards.

    How do I create my personal MSUFCU MyDesignâ„  Debit or Credit Card?
    • Customize your MSUFCU MyDesignâ„  Visa Debit or Credit Card at home by logging in to ComputerLine and opening the MyDesignâ„  Card Creator under the Manage section. Upload an image of your choice or select an MSUFCU-approved image from the MyDesignâ„  Image Gallery. You will receive an eMessage within one (1) business day with the approval status of your card image.
    • If you create your MyDesignâ„  Card at an MSUFCU branch, you can select a preloaded image from the Image Gallery. You will not have the option to upload a custom image from MSUFCU's ComputerLine kiosk.

    What size and format does my image need to be for a MSUFCU MyDesign℠ Card?
    Images need to be a minimum of 1033 pixels by 657 pixels and must be in a .jpg, .png, or .gif format.

    What is the cost of an MSUFCU MyDesign℠ Visa Debit and/or Credit Card?
    Your first MSUFCU MyDesign℠ Card is free. If you opt to update or alter your card image on either your debit or credit card during each 12-month period that particular card is issued, there will be a $5.00 fee per card.

    How do I get my MSUFCU MyDesignâ„  Visa Debit or Credit Card after it's ordered?
    Your card will be mailed to the address on your account, mailed cards should arrive in 7-10 business days.

    Are there any guidelines to what images I may put on my MSUFCU MyDesign℠ Visa Debit or Credit Card?
    • All MSUFCU MyDesign℠ card orders that contain a picture uploaded by an MSUFCU member will be reviewed by MSUFCU staff. An MSUFCU MyDesign℠ Visa Debit or Credit Card may not contain any of the following:
      • Trademarks, logos, slogans, company names, copyrighted material or brands from any third party
      • Copyrighted material or branded products
      • Celebrities, actors, musicians, public figures, cartoons, professional or collegiate sports teams or athletes
      • Telephone numbers or addresses, web addresses, account numbers or Personal Identification Numbers (PINs)
      • Images that are deemed provocative, sexual, violent or otherwise offensive, have nudity or semi-nudity, profanity or obscenities
      • Alcohol, tobacco, or firearms
      • Any reference to Visa-sponsored events (e.g., the Olympics or Super Bowl)
      • Images which show illegal or anti-social behavior
      • Culturally insensitive images
      • Images that might result in the card being rejected at the point of sale
      • Any image that may potentially denigrate the Visa brand
      • Images which display the opinions of political, religious, or socially unacceptable groups (e.g., gangs, supremacy)
      • Reproduction of currency
      • Images that may interfere with the security features of the card
      • Any image MSUFCU deems unacceptable to be associated with the MSU Federal Credit Union brand

    How do I know if my MSUFCU MyDesignâ„  Card image was approved?
    If your image was denied, you will receive a notice through MSUFCU's eMessage Center, found in ComputerLine. If your card image was denied you will have the option to upload a different image and submit that image for approval.

    Can each cardholder on my account have a different card design?
    Yes, a joint party and/or authorized user can have a different card design than the primary member.

    Password Reset
    How can I automatically reset my password?
    Reset your password immediately by clicking here. You will need to provide your username and date of birth.

    We will send a verification code to the email address or mobile phone (via text or automated voice message) associated with your account. Once you have entered the verification code, you will be able to update your password.

    How can I receive my verification code to automatically reset my password?
    When resetting your password, you can elect to receive your verification code via email, text message, or automated voice message. You will be able to see partial contact information for your account and make your selection based on that information. If the information is not correct, please contact us to update it.

    When will the automatic password reset verification code expire?
    Your verification code will expire after ten minutes.

    How do I link my MSUFCU account with Quicken or Quickbooks?
    To add your MSUFCU account to Quicken, simply enter your MSUFCU username and ComputerLine password into Quicken/QuickBooks and it will automatically download transaction history for your account.

    Select Home & Auto
    How do members request an insurance proposal?
    Members can call 877-843-1006 or submit an online insurance proposal here. You will receive your insurance proposal within one business day of receipt of your initial request.

    What information is needed to receive a proposal?
    In most cases, members will have a general knowledge of a majority of the information that is required to provide an initial proposal. If a member is interested in enacting a policy, the member will be advised to refer to the coverage limits listed on the current policy declaration page or information from other sources.Upon receipt of any proposal request, we will contact the member within one business day and present a personalized insurance proposal directly to the member.

    How do members enact a policy?
    A Sales Representative works directly with the member to present the proposal and to assist with completing the insurance application. Upon receipt of the completed application and initial premium, the Sales Representative will provide the member with a temporary insurance binder. The application is then submitted to the insurance company, which issues the policy to the member.

    What payment options are available?
    Each insurance company has their own billing plans and you will pay premiums directly to the insurance company. We will take into consideration your preferred payment method when preparing your proposal.

    How are claims handled and policies serviced?
    Each insurance company has a 24-hour Toll-free Claim Hotline and directly processes claims. Requests such as policy changes, billing inquiries or service items will also be handled directly by the insurance company during business hours. The member should contact Members Home & Auto if they are ever dissatisfied with the service that they receive from the insurance company.

    Is a group discount available to MSUFCU Members?
    Yes, the group discount varies by insurance company from 5% to 20%.

    What insurance companies participate in the program?
    Members have access to the following and several other top insurance companies:Citizens Insurance™, Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company, Travelers, Ohio Casualty Group, Drive Insurance from Progressive and Allied Insurance - a Nationwide company.

    TrulyU Security
    How Do I Unlock My Account?
    If you have locked your account due to incorrect security question answers, you need to contact the credit union at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968, online via Live Chat, or secure email.

    We will verify your identity and provide you with a new temporary password for ComputerLine.

    How Does TrulyU Security Work?
    The TrulyU Security feature keeps track of your ComputerLine sign in patterns and learns your typical sign in behavior. If someone were to attempt to access your account, TrulyU security detects that the sign in does not match your history. Should this happen, in order to verify your identity, a security question is presented. For authorized users, providing a correct answer that matches the answer provided during enrollment is easy. Failing to provide a correct answer will deny access to the account.

    Why Is MSUFCU Offering TrulyU Security?
    MSUFCU is offering TrulyU security to add an additional layer of protection to ComputerLine and to help prevent unauthorized access to your account. Due to the rise in phishing scams and identity theft, the federal government is requiring all financial institutions to put such additional security features in place for online banking.

    Do I Have to Enroll in TrulyU Security?
    Yes, TrulyU security enrollment is required for all ComputerLine users.

    How Do I Enroll in TrulyU Security?
    You will be prompted to select 3 TrulyU Security questions when you enroll a username for your account via ComputerLine or the MSUFCU Mobile app.

    Why Do I Need to Set Up a TrulyU Username?
    TrulyU security requires a TrulyU username that is unique across the entire membership. For example, if you have 2 accounts at the credit union, each user will need a unique TrulyU username for each account.

    The TrulyU username is used to identify you and your set of questions and answers. If your account is presented with a security question and there is more than one user on the account, you select your TrulyU username and then your question will be presented.

    How Do I Change My TrulyU Security Questions/Answers?
    Sign into ComputerLine, select the My Profile icon and choose the TrulyU Security Questions tab.

    Why Is My ComputerLine Account Locked?
    If you are unable to successfully answer your security questions, your ComputerLine account will be locked and will not allow you further access. Your account will remain in locked status until you contact the Credit Union to verify your identity. Keep in mind that lockouts occur at the account level, which means that if your joint party/authorized user locks the account, neither you nor your joint party/authorized user will be able to access your ComputerLine account until it is unlocked by the Credit Union.

    Why Can't I Have the Same TrulyU Username on All My Accounts?
    Your TrulyU username(s) are matched to each account number and help to identify the questions specific to the user and account. You don't have to remember your TrulyU username, it is just a helpful tool to help you to identify yourself.

    For example, if you have two accounts, you may want to choose, "Joe Spartan 1" for the first account and "Joe Spartan 2" for the second account. The same name cannot be used for separate account. It is also a good idea to ensure your TrulyU usernames across different accounts are unique, to help differentiate your accounts.

    Can foreign characters be included in my TrulyU response?
    No, foreign characters can not be included in your TrulyU responses. Responses can include only standard US English characters. A list of valid characters is as follows:

    Visa/ATM Cards
    What is the difference between my ATM and Visa Debit card?
    Your ATM card can be used at ATMs to withdraw funds from your account. Sometimes it is accepted as a debit card. The Visa Debit Card works like an ATM card and credit card combined into one. You can use your Visa Debit Card to access funds from your account at the ATM and also make purchases at any store that accepts the Visa Debit Card. When you use the card, the amount of your purchase is automatically deducted from your checking account. Although the Visa Debit Card works like a credit card, it is NOT a line-of-credit.

    I applied for a Visa Debit/Visa Credit card. When should I expect to receive my card?
    Upon approval, your new card should arrive in approximately 7-10 days.

    How do I change the Personal Identification Number (PIN) for my MSUFCU ATM or Visa Debit Card?
    Bring your card to a nearby branch to update the PIN.

    My wallet was lost/stolen. What do I do about my cards?
    Visit a nearby branch, call 888-393-1172 or contact us online so that we can take the necessary precautions to protect your account.

    We will stop payments on the numbers of checks that have been stolen/lost. With proper identification, we will issue new cards for your account.

    What is the ATM charge for machines that are not on the CO-OP Network?
    MSUFCU will charge you $1.00 per transaction, in addition to any surcharge put in place by the owner of the ATM.from the institution that owns the machine. The total fee is usually displayed on ATM screen before your transaction is completed.

    What are the fees for the Visa Debit Card?
    The Visa Debit Card has no fees. There are unlimited transactions and the funds are debited from your checking account. Be aware that some merchants use least-cost-processing and may process your transaction as a debit card payment instead of a credit, unless you specify otherwise. In that case, you may be charged a $1 foreign ATM network fee.

    To what address should I mail my Visa payments?
    Visa payments should be mailed to: MSU Federal Credit UnionPO Box 1208East Lansing, MI 48826-1208For express mail, please send your payment to:MSU Federal Credit Union3777 West Rd.East Lansing, MI 48823

    Is there a limit to how much money I can withdraw using my ATM card?
    There is a daily withdrawal limit of $500 per account number.

    How do I dispute a charge on my Visa statement?
    Contact the MSUFCU Visa department at 517-333-2323 or 800-847-2383. Depending on the type of charge and circumstances involved, we will order a merchant copy of the receipt. We also need a detailed, signed letter of explanation from you before we can seek charge back rights and credit your account.

    The ATM captured my Visa Debit Card/ATM card. Do you have it or do I need to request a new card?
    If you were using an MSUFCU ATM, the card will be returned to us and we can return it to you. If not, please contact MSUFCU and we will block the captured card and order a new card with a new PIN.

    When I use my Visa Debit card for a purchase, how long does it take for the charge to appear on my account?
    If you select "debit," you will be asked for your PIN number and the purchase will be deducted from your checking account instantly. If you choose "credit," you will be asked to sign a receipt and the charge will appear normally within a few days.

    What is a cash advance? My Visa statement says I have a cash advance interest owing. I never made a cash advance.
    A cash advance is funds forwarded from a Visa account by a Visa check, withdrawal at the teller or ATM, or for overdraft protection. Reviewing your statements should reveal when the cash advance occurred. Cash advances accrue interest immediately.

    If I use an ATM/debit card from another institution at the campus ATMs, will I be charged?
  • There is no surcharge for using the MSUFCU ATMs on MSU's campus. In addition, MSUFCU members are not charged a transaction fee when accessing their accounts.
  • Your institution may charge a transaction fee for transactions at a foreign machine.

  • Can I use the same PIN for my ATM and Visa Debit cards?

    Why is my MSUFCU Visa card being used, even though I have not used it?
    If your account uses your Visa Credit Card as an overdraft protection, your account may have automatically withdrawn money from your Visa to cover a transaction.

    I applied for a Visa Credit Card. Can I do a balance transfer to pay off my other credit cards?
    Yes, you can transfer credit card balances to your MSUFCU Visa in several ways. Contact us online or at 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968, and we can transfer your balances electronically, issue cashier's checks to transfer your balances, or issue you blank checks that you can complete and send to your other creditors.

    How can I cash advance my Visa, and are there any fees?
    Cash advances can be done through the teller line at any bank that accepts Visa. Each institution may charge a small fee. A cash advance can also be made through the ATM. If it is not one of our free ATMs there may be a surcharge. An advance can also be made over the phone and deposited to your account, or you may write out a Visa check for deposit. We do not have any cash advance fees at MSUFCU.

    Can my child who is 16 apply for a Visa Credit Card?
    Yes, they must have a co-signer and the limit given is $500.

    Can I use my Visa card abroad?
    All our Visa products can be used internationally anywhere that Visa is accepted- including the Visa Debit Card. An international service fee of 1% for PIN-based transactions or 3% for signature-based transactions will be assessed for purchases made outside of the U.S.Due to fraudulent transactions occurring internationally, some Visa/ATM card transactions may be temporarily blocked in certain countries. Visit the Blocked Card Transaction page to verify in which countries your card is currently blocked.

    What countries are currently blocked for Visa transactions?
    Due to fraudulent transactions occurring internationally, some Visa/ATM card transactions may be temporarily blocked in certain countries. Visit the Blocked Card Transaction page to verify in which countries your card is currently blocked.

    What is Fraud Alert Management?
    Fraud Alert Management is a fraud prevention service from Visa. This system provides continual monitoring of card activity to identify and help protect your accounts against fraudulent use. When unusual spending behaviors or transactions appear on your card, a Fraud Alert Management service representative will contact you by phone to verify the suspicious transactions. If the transactions are not yours, Fraud Alert Management will assist you in blocking your cards and reporting unauthorized usage.

    How do I know if a call to verify Visa transactions is really from a MSUFCU representative and not someone trying to steal my information?
    A Visa Fraud Alert Management System call will be an automated recording. The recording will state that the call is from MSU Federal Credit Union and will request that you verify information. MSUFCU will only request that you verify information that we already know. You can also recognize an MSUFCU transaction verification call by the toll-free number. The return phone number will be 800-294-2147.

    How do I increase my Visa credit limit?
    Increases to your Visa credit limit may be requested at any of our branch locations, via telephone at 517-333-2222 or 800-678-4968, or by using the Loan Application located in ComputerLine.

    What number should I call to activate my Visa Credit Card?
    Activate your MSUFCU Visa by calling 888-393-1172.