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Totally Green Checking
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
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Who qualifies for the Heroes Loan?
This loan may be perfect for you if you are associated with or employed in the following fields:

• Fire Department
• Law Enforcement (Federal, State, or Local Government, includes corrections officers)
• Medical Care Provider, EMT, Paramedic, Nurses, Doctors
• Mental Health Care and Social Workers
• Active Duty Military, National Guard, Reserves, and Veterans (excludes dishonorable discharge)
• Government Employees (Federal, State, and Local)
• Teachers, Professors, and Administrators (Schools and Universities, public and private)
• Pre-Schools and Day Care Providers
• Veterinary and Humane Society Employees
• Senior Living Facilities
• Funeral Service and Mortuary
• Retail, Grocery, and Restaurant Employees
• Construction Trades (Builder, HVAC, Electrician, Plumber, etc.)
• Transportation (Airline, Rail, Ships, Cargo, Bus, Truck, Taxi, and Rideshare)
• Cleaning and Food Service Vendors (such as Aramark, Sysco, Clean Team, Service Master, etc.)
• Employees of Non-Profit Charitable Organizations with IRS-designation 501(c)(3)
• Credit Union Employees (not limited to MSUFCU)

Also including:
• Support staff in these fields directly employed by qualifying employer (such as central dispatch operator, custodial staff, etc.)
• Retirees that retired from an eligible employer
• Full or part time employees

If you have questions about qualification, contact the Mortgage Department directly at 517-333-2424
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