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Why did my check get rejected by eDeposit?
The most common reasons for check rejection are: Check number, amount, routing number, account number, or date could not be read; front signature was not detected or is missing. If you are uncertain as to why your check has been rejected, please contact us.

If utilizing eDeposit through ComputerLine, check images should be formatted as JPG, TIFF, or PNG image files. Other formats such as PDF are not supported. If uploading scanned checks, ensure they are scanned at 200-300 DPI. If taking photos with a camera, the minimum recommended resolution is 1600x1200 pixels and the file sizes should not exceed 2 MB.

Members are welcome to attempt to deposit cashier's checks, money orders, or other instruments but we cannot guarantee that these will be successfully deposited as it depends on the check format.

However, please note that the following check types cannot be deposited via eDeposit:

• International checks
• Altered checks
• Checks written for more than $25,000
• Non-negotiable items
• Savings bonds
• Incorrectly endorsed third-party checks (checks not made payable to the account holder)
• Third-party checks that require a Multiple Payee Form
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