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My card was lost/stolen, what do I do?
Report a lost/stolen visa to us by calling 517-333-2424 or 800-678-4968 during business hours. If you are calling outside of business hours contact us at 888-393-1172.

When you contact us please provide the following information regarding your last transaction: date, amount, and location. We also ask that you complete and return the Visa Fraud Affidavit.

Your lost/stolen card can be locked in ComputerLine® or the MSUFCU Mobile app. To lock your card in ComputerLine®, select the (+) symbol to the left of your checking or Visa section. To lock your card within the mobile app, select the share associated with the card, Visa Card Controls, and enable card lock.

By locking your card, no one will be able to make purchases - including authorized card holders. Recurring transactions using this card will not be declined.

To request a replacement card, please contact us.
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