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Can I use my VISA card abroad?
All our VISA products can be used internationally anywhere that Visa is accepted- including the VISA Debit Card. When traveling internationally, transactions on debit and credit cards are subject to international service fees. The fees for signature-based credit transactions and PIN-based debit transactions are 3% and 1% respectively. Please note that the Cash Back Platinum Plus Visa as well as our Visa Signature are not subject to these international service fees.

Additionally, a $1.00 out-of-network ATM fee is assessed along with any fees charged by the financial institution that owns the ATM. Please also note international ATMs typically only recognize checking accounts and there is a $1,000 USD daily withdrawal limit for ATMs.

Due to fraudulent transactions occurring internationally, some Visa/ATM card transactions may be temporarily blocked in certain countries.

We recommend adding your travel plans within ComputerLine by selecting the "Manage" icon, or within the MSUFCU/OUCU Mobile app by selecting "Travel Summary" from the Menu.

Placing travel information on your account can help to lessen the likelihood of declined transactions during your trip; however, specific transactions could still be flagged by our Fraud Alert Service due to a variety of factors. If this is the case, our Fraud Alert Management Team will attempt to reach out to you.
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