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What are the eligibility and requirements for Registered Student Organization (RSO) accounts?
• The Registered Student Organization (RSO) Checking is available to student organizations registered with MSU and who appear on the list of Student Groups on MSU's website.

• Should the RSO's registration with MSU lapse and we become aware of the status change, the RSO checking account will be converted to a Small Business Checking.

• The RSO will also be required to provide an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for tax reporting purposes.

• At least one student registered with the organization through MSU must be on the account as a responsible individual.

• An Advisor is required and must be the person registered as such with the student organization on the MSU Student Group website.

• All individuals on the account must sign and all personal accounts must be in good standing.

• MSUFCU will notify the Department of Student Life of any RSO account not held in good standing.
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