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Why are we updating our logo?
We're changing our look - not our mission, core values, or commitment to you, or all of the communities we serve. It's common for brands to update their looks periodically. This is an opportunity to create a fresh look that sets us apart. This update keeps MSUFCU at the forefront of the everchanging financial services industry, reflecting that we offer members and employees fresh and modern services.

Brands must evolve to stay relevant, and MSUFCU is no different. Our current logo was introduced in 1978 when the NCUA approved the Credit Union's application for federal charter, effectively changing our name to MSU Federal Credit Union.

Our new logo is more than a new look. It's a distinctive feature, demonstrating our commitment to explore new ideas and embrace change to better serve our members, aligning our visual aesthetic with our position in the community.

As part of the new logo, we have added an icon - three ascending lines - that eventually, will be able to stand on its own, and be recognized as MSUFCU, without our name being included.

The three lines represent our members, employees, and community. Members and employees achieving their dreams - independently or working together. The icon also represents the flexibility we provide to help set the stage for upward mobility - with support either through self-service or with help from our employees - today and in the future. It also represents that all members - and their journeys and dreams - are unique, and we support each individual.
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