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New Podcast Episode: Reimagining
Your Money With FinTech
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Amanda (She/Her)
Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor
Posted October 6, 2021
Season 6 of Wallet Watch is here and it’s all about innovation and education. In the first episode, hosts Amanda Conn, Lyndsey Morgan, and DaVante Montgomery interview two experts in the FinTech industry: Susan Lager, Chief Executive Officer at Spave, and Ben Maxim, MSUFCU Vice President of Digital Strategy and Innovation, and Chief Technology Officer at Reseda.

In this podcast episode, the hosts sit down with Susan and Ben to learn more about what FinTech is and how it can improve our lives. Ben shares about The Lab at MSUFCU and its work with the community to pilot new technologies, products and services. Susan tells the story of Spave and how this new FinTech app gives users an all-in-one financial wellness experience by increasing understanding of spending, saving, and being able to give back.
Featured Quotes:
"Spave was actually designed to help people understand their finances better in a very easy and convenient way … Spave stands for Sharing Purpose And Value Every day, so it’s about purpose. Everybody has a purpose, and how we spend our money tells us where are priorities are … it’s all about creating awareness for the individual and then giving them tools to make moves to achieve their goals.” - Susan Langer

“FinTechs have the opportunity to start from scratch with technology and really do something very well, and really focus on the user experience … they are recognizing the opportunity to both provide better products and services.” - Ben Maxim
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