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New Podcast Episode: Building Businesses with MSU Burgess Institute
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DaVante (He/Him)
Certified Financial Education Instructor
Posted December 1, 2021
Creativity and innovation bring on new opportunities and cutting edge processes. They also bring forth new business ventures. Starting, running, or scaling a business is not an overnight operation, but takes time and effort. For today’s release, the Wallet Watch team has enlisted the help of business building expert Paul Jaques, who is the Managing Director of Venture Creation at the Burgess Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Paul talks about starting and maintaining a business, knowing when it’s time to get started, and even resources that may exist in your community.
Featured Quotes:
     - “Success to us, really is teaching the students entrepreneurship, the language, the mindset, and then getting them a really good job, and that's what we're seeing.” – Paul Jaques
     - “If you have an idea, there's so many resources today, that you can go out and do this. You just want to make sure that it’s not a duplicate of something that's already out there.” – Paul Jaques
     - “[When first starting out] keep it as lean as possible. I am kind of the thrift shop of entrepreneurship, there are ways around getting marketing and getting legal fees, and all these different things cheap or close to free. Do that as much as you can and also trying to get as much free money as possible. There are a lot of grants out there. There’s pitch competitions that you can get into that. You can meet, connected individuals or make some funds.” – Paul Jaques
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