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New Podcast Episode: Holiday Special:
Rest, Eat, Move
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Amanda (She/Her)
Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor
Posted December 15, 2021
The Wallet Watch hosts are very excited for a special holiday episode featuring an interview with Matt Johnson, president at On Target Living. Matt and the hosts explore ways to maintain overall health and wellbeing, especially through the holiday season into the New Year. To learn more about On Target Living and their resources, visit
Featured Quotes:
     - “If we’ve ever gone for an exercise where our mind wasn’t quite right, we always leave feeling better, and I think we have to again, [go] back to the simple things. It’s very simple to move our bodies, not always easy.” – Matt Johnson
     - “I believe energy, or your energy is your most precious commodity. What do I mean by that? I think we think time is, but I truly think it’s energy, but there’s no way to measure it. So you really have to be in tune with the body, you have to be mindful about the body… We got to kind of slow down and if we are always in a hurry and we’re trying to cover up symptoms... because we just don’t take the time to kind of backup.” –Matt Johnson 
     - “Everyone listening, everyone we guide around the holidays, stick to some of the good habits you have. Don’t eliminate all of them and say well, I’m going to have that pie so I might as well do everything off the rails. Stick to some of those things so you can have a little bit of liberty, and we teach this thing called 80/20 rule so maybe around the holidays it’s like the 60/40. That means 60% of the time you are taking care of yourself but you can have some fun for the next couple of months.” – Matt Johnson
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