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New Podcast Episode: Vision, Creating and Attaining Goals
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Jessica (She/Her)
Financial Educator
Posted February 23, 2022
It’s a new year which means new goals and new focuses. Have you thought about what you want to accomplish this year? Whether it is a personal goal or a professional goal, goals are not much without a vision to back it up. Your vision is not just a statement about where you want to go or what you want to do. Vision is the fuel of your purpose in life, and helps you focus on what is most important.
Wallet Watch kicks off their seventh season today with the theme of Intentional Living: Family, Finances, and Health. In episode one, Amanda Conn introduces new host Jessica Rubio, and invites back pervious Wallet Watch hosts DaVante Montgomery and Lyndsey Morgan for one final episode to say farewell to their listeners, and discuss how they  create their vision and intentions for the year, along with sharing ways to create attainable goals for their personal and professional lives.
Featured Quotes:
     - “Customization is important, so whenever you are creating these goals and plans, make sure that they are custom to you. Not saying, oh I want to save money, really deciding is that something I want to do or is that a goal I have seen on social media”  -DaVante Montgomery

     - “If you are struggling with any goal, look back on it and figure out what caused you to not succeed and what changes can you make to help yourself get back on track and stay on track to achieve your goal.” -Lyndsey Morgan
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